Pam & Jen: the (not so) untold story

 Everything you ever wanted to know about Pam & Jen (and probably some stuff that you didn't.)

The dynamic BFF duo, Pam and Jen paired up in August of 2006.  This was when they met, otherwise they would have paired up much sooner.  
An instant, unbreakable bond was formed and the two were inseparable for nearly 3 years.
During that time, they decided it was only prudent to share their splendor with the world and thus formed this blog.  

If you are wondering what the significance of 4:32 is, you are not alone.  It is in fact the hour that these two decided to document the lunacy of trying to outlast little girls at a sleepover.  Luckily, they were beyond reasonable thought at that hour and everything was funny.  Fortunately for us, the photo was not deleted immediately, because let's face it, it makes us giggle.

Jen eventually moved away, much against her will (it was well documented on this blog) but the bonds of friendship could never be broken.  They consider this blog and each post a gift to each other.  So, all of you reading who are not Pam or Jen, consider yourselves gravy.  The yummy, oh so lovely gravy.

UPDATE! Jen has moved back to her beloved Charlottesville! Reunited and it feeeeeeeels so goooooooooood!! 

This history is not complete yet, not by a long shot.  Pam and Jen will go down in the annals (childish snicker) of history as possibly the most inane, random, goofy friends you will ever come across.  
And they wouldn't have it any other way.