Thursday, March 12, 2009

Instant Tear Stopper (Really)!!

I absolutely love my instant tear stopper.  I carry a tube of Orajel with me at all times.  See the handy carry pouch?  It has a happy home with lip gloss and concealer.  
Why, you may ask, do I have this love affair with an oral numbing agent?
It has nothing to do with teeth.  Well, almost never has anything to do with teeth.
My kids are getting older, but the days of scrapes and cuts are not behind us yet.  Heck, I still bang my shin on the coffee table and stub toes regularly.
This is the first line of defense for me.  A tiny smear of this and tears are instantly gone.  Every time.  Yes, I know it has no anti-bacterial properties.  That comes after I (or the child) have calmed down.  
I even took it on vacation.  This little tube found a temporary home in my fanny pack and got to see all of Disney's finest.  Yes, I said fanny pack.  Yes, I traded fashion for comfort and practicality.  It was a cute little polka-dot fanny pack.  Does that make it any better?  
I didn't think so.
I witnessed one little boy get pushed down by a Disney staffer and scrape his knee.  
I KNOW!!!  He was trying to catch up with his parents through a bottleneck in the line and the woman gave him a shove to get through...
I totally ratted her out to poor boy's parents and offered the relief I carried.  The pain vanished.
I don't know if they now own Disney after a huge settlement, but I hope they at least got a free vacation out of it.
So there you have it.  I don't know why it took me 7 years of motherhood to make the leap from numbing teeth to any little nick and scrape.  I blame lack of sleep.
And now I share my wisdom with all of you.  For more Things, go visit Diaper Diaries.
Go forth and comfort.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! My kids are 7 & 4, so we haven't had an Orajel around for a while. Until last week, when my 7 yo stabbed herself in the mouth with a mechanical pencil at school.

(Yeah...I don't get it either.)

After about 3 days of her whimpering, she finally let me have a good look at it, and sure enough, it was impressive. So I went to buy orajel. Worked great, but I wondered what I would do with the REST of the tube.

Now I know...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Psst! What's your Twitter ID? I'll follow you!

Kaycee said...

This is really smart, why didn't I think of that?

La said...

That's brilliant! never ever thought of that.....

thediaperdiaries said...

I would never think of this. What a great idea!!