Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 13th Davy! I love this kid!!!

Remember this photo? I posted it here when I was determined to organize my house. That little bundle of cuteness that I'm kissing is my oldest son right around 9 months old. Oh, those were the days. Only one baby. He was such a good baby. We drug that child everywhere. We went to one Mexican place so much that as soon as he got in his chair, he'd look at the waitress and in that sweet voice say, "Uuun rice nn Coke." (I want rice & Coke.) Yes, we gave that baby Coke. I was still a baby myself, what can I say. I think I'm 21 in the picture above.
Well that little butterball has grown. Today is his 13th birthday.

I cannot believe that I have a teenager. It boggles the mind. I know that it isn't very hard to boggle my mind, but still.
Where have the years gone?

That little boy has grown to be an amazing kid that I'm so proud I can say is mine. Of course he's not perfect and we do have those teen moments, but he really is just a great kid. He's very mature for his age and his sense of humor is totally kickin'. Davy can quote movie lines/comedians with spot on perfection. He is a true joy to have.

He can't seem to keep his hands off his little brother, and I know Gabe asks for it a lot, but I love to see when they are laughing together and having fun. They read through those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (Davy reads aloud & they all laugh hysterically) and it is like music to my ears. Nobody's fighting, they're getting along, and READING!!!

He has requested the Japanese steakhouse for his birthday meal and with $ being tight, I will be enjoying some one on one time with my firstborn this evening.

I said before that he's mature. He's always been around adults, his entire life. I think his dad and I forget sometimes that he is still a kid. We have put expectations on him before that were unreasonable because in so many ways he seems like a small adult.

So today, I'm probably gonna laugh like a hyena at burping and other crudeness and just let my 13 year old be 13. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be an adult tomorrow.

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Taylor said...

They grow so fast! Happy birthday to your son!

KCShipe said...

What a sweet post! Enjoy Japanese tonight & good luck catching shrimp in your mouth :)
Bet your son will ROCK at that!

Mom of Many Messes said...

Did you have a fabulous dinner last night? Happy belated b-day to the Teenager!

And just to put it out there publicly I LOVE what you've done w/ the blog..I knew this was YOUR area of expertise...I hereby turn over ALL control of the design format to you :).

jen said...

I did indeed have a totally fabulous time with my boy. I made him open the door for me and everything. Strangely no burping, though. Davy caught the shrimp, mine landed in my eye.
It was just plain fun.
Then we stopped at Starbucks for dessert/coffee. Yum-o. I'm turning him into a coffaholic. What can you do?

thediaperdiaries said...

What a great tribute to your son. I love that you have such a great relationship