Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Reunion Fun with Fireworks and Freedom

I stood outside tonight listening to fireworks, laughter, screaming, barking and the general hub-bub. It was one of those moments that you tuck away to pull out when you need a pick-me-up. (Cuz you know you will, eventually.)

Today was the start of Hubba-Bubba's family reunion. Lots of family from all over the country are here and we have laughed almost the entire time. My kind'a reunion. The kids all found cousins they don't remember or have not met before and paired up to play. The cousins that Dave grew up with were all sharing memories from childhood (mostly of them getting in trouble for incredibly stupid/funny things). In general just plain ole good times people, good times.

Then tonight after dinner, the boys pulled out their haul from the fireworks run they made earlier. My camera was dying by the time we got to this, so I had to copy the above pic from a cousin's facebook post. But that was right in the front yard. Pretty impressive for a home fireworks display. But we are in TN for the reunion and they have the good stuff here. As Dave so eloquently put it, "Tennessee is the patron state of blowing crap up." He's all mine, folks, so keep off his well-spoken, cultured self.

Well, now we are inside and the kids are watching a movie. Bet you can't guess what it is.


O Brother Where Art Thou?

Too funny. And they are discussing plot lines and quotes like avid fans. Well, good. You have to be a fan to live in this family.

Well, family is all around and I'm secluded here with my laptop. I'm wrapping this up so I can get back to the chatting and laughing.

Hope your 4th is as wonderful as mine has already been. And I get more tomorrow!

Yay Freedom!

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