Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Schleich Nativity up close & personal

Last year for Christmas my sister (Hey there, Sis!) gave our family this wonderful Nativity set. If you have any Schleich animals, you know what this is like. It’s like a hard rubber. AKA indestructible. With my kids, that is important.

I had forgotten about it, until we pulled out the Christmas decorations yesterday. The kids were excited all over again. And this set always makes me smile. Let me introduce you.

010 The Holy Family. And Wayne Brady.

Here’s various pictures of the magi/shepherds/livestock.

029030017 019 022 023


I didn’t realize that the Amish had a community in Bethlehem. I also didn’t realize some of them have taken a liking to the smoky eye. Watch out Adam Lambert.


This cracks me up. Look at her face. It looks like she’s thinking “I just had a baby, in a barn & now all these people are in here?!!” Well, to ease your mind Mary, things haven’t progressed much in this area. Nurses, Interns, Lactation Consultants, In-laws, heck even Janitors hang around during most births these days. But now we have drugs that make us not care so much. I guess that is progress.


Joseph looks, well… a little… stoned here. That’s all I’m sayin’. Maybe he took all of Mary’s pain meds. Give that man some cheetos.

034 And here’s our star. As a mom, that baby looks cold. Everyone else has on cloaks and robes and the Savior gets a loincloth.

035 But, all cynicism and sarcasm aside, this is really the point of it all. That He would humble himself to such a low place in order to make a way for us. And that is what makes me smile every time I see this Nativity.


I just wanted to show how small this really is and what a kickin’ micro setting I have on my camera.


What is your favorite Christmas Decoration and the meaning behind it? Come on. You know it’s not your favorite just because it’s cute.


Souffle Bombay said...

Hysterical!! I loved meeting the characters of you to get myself a set!
My favorite (besides the music) is...eek I can't decide...I love it all!

everydayMOM said...

too funny! what was up with hat hat!?
i can't believe how small the set is!