Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blissdom wannabe

I'm totally jealous.
I want to be at Blissdom meeting several of my bloggy friends, but this whole problem of not having any extra $ gets in the way (all too often).
This happened to me during the National Youth Workers Convention.
I find the hastags on twitter and gaze longingly at my tweetdeck, wondering what I'm missing.
Oh well.
You just sigh and mope around, then bake chocolate chip cookies & cope.
I'm linking this to a blog party for the rest of us who wish we were somewhere else this weekend. That party is at Blessed Moon.
If you, also wish you were at Blissdom as well, go link up!
(I know that was a redundant use of also and as well, it was a poor attempt at a reference to a SNL skit.)
So go link up so we can all share in our sorrow. ;-)


Angela said...

Love the name...we are a pj lovin' family for sure! Found you through Patty's party. I'm eating a fresh chocolate chip cookie while hoppin' around the party!

patty said...

love your purple background-love it, love it! and love the idea of co-hosting a blog with a good friend! :)

just think of it this way... we have a whole year to steal away our pennies for blissdom 2011... :)

thanks for stopping by my blog-hop!

Rebecca D said...

Just joined you at the "not at blissdom" party... I am not only not in Nashville...I don't even have cookies... sad...

I love the name of your blog... as a "fly lady" drop out, I know it would give her a stroke, but it makes me giggle...

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed your blog hopping while watching the game....that would not be happening if my team was playing...