Friday, February 12, 2010

Looks Like We Made It, Look How Far We've Come Now Baby

Happy One Year Blog-o-versary my dearest BFF!!! They said we wouldn't make, but we proved them wrong!

(Well, I really don't know if anybody said that or not but we have hung in there for a whole year!)

Much Love,


p.s. I was finally able to put a little something in the mail to you to mark this grand occasion, but the weather interfered w/ our mail delivery--so sometimes snow does make the mail fail--and of course I have been hibernating. Check your box in a week or two or three....

p.s.s - Yes, I'm hijacking the blog for personal purposes again...sorry!

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the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Hard to believe it, huh? And ain't it funny, we posted within 5 minutes of each other today?
Happy Blogday, Happy Blogday,
Sin & Sorrow in the air,
People dying everywhere,
Happy Blogday.
Had to sing my depressing birthday song for us. No birthday is complete without it.