Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sundown ~The Swiss Cheese Report


This is super duper late this week. I just wasn’t exactly feeling it last night, so I decided to re-watch today and post.


Ooooo. This episode starts out reminding us of the awesomeness that is Sayid. They break our hearts by revealing that life is not always better for our friends in the sideways life. Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother (who’s an unprincipled jerk, btw.)

Sayid and Dagon duke it out. (Does anyone use that term anymore?) Actually it’s more like a martial arts showdown. They roll and kick all around that torture room. I kept waiting for those torture devices to come into play. It would have been sweet revenge for Dagon to have been tested. Alas, the writers don’t have my fictional nasty streak of revenge. Then the baseball falls and Dagon lets Sayid go with a banishment.

Claire. We have all discussed Claire in depth for the last few weeks. So she’s been promised her son back to help Whatshisname. A reasonable person would have a discussion with Kate and find out Aaron is with Grandma, then start to plan to get off the island to her son. I think we all have established that Claire is not reasonable.

*Puppy Report* He must be getting used to this because we got through this week with minimal barking and growling. It was still there, just not as intense.

Miles is becoming one of my favorites. And he just proves that men can look past grime and filth and still consider a woman hot. So are all of our manicures, waxing, makeup and highlights just for us?

Flocke promises to help Sayid get the only thing he wants back (from the dead) if he will deliver a message. Now. Which something is Sayid talking about? The show is focusing on Nadia so it’s probably her. But Shannon died in Sayid’s arms too. Hmmm. So Sayid delivers the message and throws the camp into an uproar. So Flocke was right about it meaning more coming from Sayid. But he also has to return the knife. Well, that doesn’t sound promising.

Someone on twitter last night said “Catch a falling star & put it in your pocket” has never been so creepy. Amen to that. I will say that Claire has made the transition well. She completely creeps me out now.

Keemy. He picks up Sayid. And never before has a conversation about breakfast food been so ominous. I don’t think Keemy truly understood who he was dealing with. I’m trying to remember if Keemy was killed after he shot Ben’s daughter and who killed him. Was it Sayid? Was he destined to kill Keemy? Just wondering.

So there are currently 3 people acting on a promise to get a loved one back. Scratch that. Now it’s only 2. Sayid killed Dagon, letting Ole Smokey into the temple. And now is when our beach friends show up. (LOVE Lapidus!) And we are working our way towards a Jin/Sun reunion. They keep dragging their feet on this.

After the Smoky rampage, Kate follows Claire and Sayid, although questioningly. What got me, Claire hasn’t killed Kate yet. She vowed to and had the perfect chance. Did Kate sway her with the “I was trying to rescue you.” speech?

And one final thought. I love seeing Ben off his game. He was totally thrown by Sayid. Ran away scared. Even though I’m not sure about this whole splitting up our beloved Losties into two teams, that was priceless.

Did I miss obvious things? Significant things? Please fill me in. My brain feels like swiss cheese at this point.

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Anonymous said...

When I wrote my post I totally forgot that Jacob promised Dogen his son back from the dead if he served him in the temple, just like Smokey promises Sayid he can have whatever he wants back from the dead if he serves him. We're really blurring the line between who is "good" and who is "evil" and what those two words mean!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

I know Juliet is dead... but wasn't the rationale for her coming to the island so that her sister could live?

hbarrow said...

I can only remember seeing Keemy killed by Claire in the jungle, and Sayid in the flash sideways. Is that right?
I loved Miles saying she's still hot.
And I loved that Ben looked terrified of Sayid.

Anonymous said...

So Sayid in the flash-sideways doesn't have Nadia, but she is alive. Is that the cost for doing the bidding of what we think is evil? And Dogen, in the flash-sideways (with Jack) is alive and so is his son. Is that his reward for dying on the island? Does what people do on the island determine how they live in "our" reality?