Monday, April 18, 2011

Worth Sharing

I just downloaded the best album. 

I’ve been on a downloading kick lately.  I love to check the $5 albums at Amazon.  All of my music comes from Amazon.  They are a bit cheaper than iTunes, and it will automatically dump all of your music into iTunes anyway, so it works.

I just downloaded Beautiful Things by Gungor.

It’s one of the $5 albums right now.  And it is well worth that. 

Here’s what people are saying.

Gungor Live @ ReCreate Conference in Nashville, 2011

I am now going straight to their website to see when I can experience them live.  Because I get the feeling it’s not just a show.

What are you waiting on?  Run over and download this album.

You can thank me later.  Or better yet, bake me a cake.  Chocolate.

What’s the best music you’ve found lately?