Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quiet is the new Black

I am on this new kick.
Introverts get a bad rap.
I'm very interested in this because I feel it. I rub up against that expectation to be outgoing and "friendly." Somehow friendly has come to mean that extroverted personality trait that wants to meet all of the people, all of the time.
Being reserved, quiet, cautious means you're standoffish. That's not a good thing in ...well... any circle. Be it church or kiddie football.
I refuse to accept these labels. And I am pushing back. Observing the crowd does not mean that I'm stuck up, it is part of who I am.
I have just enough strong-will in me to stop bowing to the extroverted expectation.
Now. I don't mean that I'm refusing to meet new people, or be friendly or extend a smile. I do all of these things.
If you have time, watch Susan Cain explain much better what I mean.
I recently read her book, Quiet. So, so, so good! I learned so many things about the reason I feel certain ways in certain situations. Just goodness.
If you see people you know while shopping and go down the other aisle, hoping they didn't see you, well you might be an introvert. My sis and I have discussed this one several times before. I do this. I admit it. I'm also a weirdo, so don't chalk up everything I do to introversion. ;)
Well. I love my TED. I feel like I've told you this before.
I'm going to stop now.
I promise.
It's getting close to my bedtime.
Night, Lovlies!

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