Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jen has a side too.

HA!! It is nice to know that I have influence. We have been talking about this for a while now and have actually started. I'm so excited!
I'm Jen by the way. Pam pretty much already told all about me. It is true, I love a good book. I have even been known to read a bad book just to have something to read. Bad as in crappy, not filthy. I do have some standards.
Pam and I have been friends now for 21/2 years and that is only because that is when we met. It was instant friendship. We now embrace the BFF philosophy. Others scoff but we laugh. I think that is one of the bedrock principles of our friendship. We laugh. And then we laugh some more. Can you get a picture of our silly giggles?
I hope that in our posts, you will laugh. I truly cannot imagine life without laughter.
Now, on to more important things.
I'm a total pj wearing mom/wife/girl. I'm a coffee drinker (who isn't?). I'm a birdwalker. I'll be on one subject and wander off like that little old lady who walks away in the middle of your conversation. I admit it. I can promise variety. Hopefully it will not be boring. As I look back and read this, it is a little boring. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll get the hang of this and get better.
Basically, I'm just your average mom trying to do her best without the benefit of a Type A personality.


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