Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anyone who is at our house after church knows that they must be SILENT from 9-10, with a few talking breaks in there (ie, commercials). We can't miss a thing. You know it is bad when your confused daughter tries to clarify things and gets shushed by everyone in the room. Poor thing. I was one of the shushers. I know, I feel terrible, but I can't say it won't happen again.

Let me say here that we had a storm come through toward the beginning and knocked our our satellite signal. It did come back about 10 minutes later (thank heaven). We were all stunned and trying not to scream. So I missed about 10 minutes. I'm going to try to watch online today though. Forgive me if I leave out things. Ingorence is not always bliss. Sometimes it is a crazy need to know.

Let's recap.
Jin washes up in serious need of chapstick. He is very confused by Danielle. They discover the smoke monster's lair. Said monster took 3 people minus 1 arm (eww). Jin meets back up with the gang. John declares his intention to go get everyone who left with the exception of Sun. The wheel is off its axis(could that be what is causing the time movement, not the fact that people left?) Charlotte rattles on like a demensia patient and finally gives up the ghost, leaving Daniel crying and I'm sure vowing to prevent her death by going back in time and scaring a little girl.
And that was just on the Island.
Sun has the scary conversation with her daughter, saying she is bringing her a playmate. Then she pulls a gun on Ben. Kate and Sayid walk away, wanting nothing to do with Ben, but Jack and Sun go. She must know if Jin is alive. (I'm starting to trust her again). Jack wants to kill Ben and then they meet up with Desmond. Then we meet Mrs. Hawking. She seems very...ominous.
That's all I can remember for now. Like I said I'm rewatching later today.

Here's a few thoughts..
I loved when Jin and Sawyer met in the jungle over the barrel of a gun, very touching.

I was fearful that Charlotte would die. I do hold out hope that this time Daniel can warn the girl Charlotte without scaring her enough to make her determined to come back.

What about Kate and Sayid? How are they getting back? They HAVE to go back, don't they?

The smoke monster is back. I was wondering about that plot line. It seemed they had abandoned it just to make us wonder, "What the heck?". But now it is back and do we hold out hope that we will get any answers regarding what it is and why and how?

Now we see why Danielle was so trigger-happy. Her baby daddy shot her. If it weren't for a misfire, we would have never met the crazy french lady with a gun sergically attatched to her arm.

Well, that's all I can come up with now. I may amend this later after I watch again. Did I mention that I plan on watching online? I didn't think so.
Maybe this post will be so intriguing to anyone who doesn't watch (ahem--PAM), they will join the rest of the free world and become crazy fanatics who shush anyone within 50 yards. I have the cows across the street trained not to bellow from 8:30-10:30, just to be safe.

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