Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Rebuttal

Dear BFF,

I will not be intimidated into watching a show more confusing than… oh I can’t come up with a cute yet weird example. But hey even you admit it’s confusing! I have enough confusion in my why do I keep gaining weight when I kinda-sorta watch what I eat most of the time and at least once a week I hit the Wii Fit? Or why I’m almost 34 years old but still have to deal with occasional acne? Isn’t that for teenagers, what kind of cruel joke is that?)

I will not be tricked into watching said show with clever teasing references to other great works of literature (Narnia, really?).

When Lost adds either a real life mom with eight kids (and I mean Jon and Kate, not the new Octo-Mom) or a politically incorrect boss and power hungry beet farmer, let me know.

So just in case you’re wondering (and that conjunction is directed to the world at large, not just Jen) what I do watch on TV. Here’s my more or less complete list:

I watch 42 hours a week of The Today Show…okay, maybe not quite that much but it sure does feel like it some days.

Sitcoms: Chuck, The Office, Miss Guided (this was on ABC last spring or sometime and it was so funny but I don’t know if it made the cut). I also DVR and have been watching (in chronological order) Fox’s “Malcolm in the Middle”. ..this is irreverent family humor at its best. I really, really heart that show, it makes me belly laugh.

Other Category: Survivor (when we don’t forget), American Idol, & Biggest Loser (at least the reveal show), I DVR Jon & Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids and Counting

We used to never miss CSI (the original and NY, no Miami). But the story lines just seemed to be grosser and more and more disturbing as the years went on , there’s enough of that in the real world don’t ya think? We regretfully retired that from our list.

When hubby is home, I, being the perfect submissive wife (yeah, right) just hand over the remote and allow him to take control. So I spend lots of time reading, I mean watching with him and being interested in, shows like Modern Marvels. I know way too much about building bridges, tallest buildings , sigh. So the Discovery and History Channels get a good work out at our house.

Wow..I watch way too much t.v. and most of it while I’m still in my PJs!

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jen said...

I'm wearing you down, I just know it! Is that a literal hitting of the wii fit? No wonder, that burns almost no calories, and now it prabably doesn't work...