Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They're Ba--ack

I watched tonight while reading the message boards here. While enjoyable, I'm not sure I'll make it a practice. I'm so easily distracted, I missed show stuff reading people's comments. Durrrh.
If you don't watch, you may think this a random compilation of words that make no sense. So be it. But for those of you Lostaholics... You get me.
Equations??? They start with this and immediately, I'm lost. I know, groan.
This show turns me into a harpy.
“Don’t walk in front of the tv.”
"Stop asking questions."
"I can’t believe you would even ask to play guitar hero."
"Why are the commercials SO LOUD???"
"I have to time the crunch of my tortilla chips so that I don’t miss anything."
Sorry, I got quotation happy.
This post will be mostly questions. I'm pretty much clueless here.
Was Ben praying? Never thought I'd see that.
Why is the Lamp post in a church? And I got this from said message board. The lamp post referencing the one in Narnia. (See Pam, you should be watching this show.)
Ben should be a preacher. I have a feeling that hubba-bubba (our catchy name for our hubbys) will be taking what Ben said about Thomas and making it a sermon. Inspiration from the most unlikely places..
Ben has a friend?
What happened to Aaron?

Sidebar…there have been days I feel like the redhead with the umm..long hair blowing in the wind. I said feel like that. I hope to all that is holy that I’ve never been that bad. Just thought I'd throw a commercial in there.

Ben’s old friend wasn’t much of a friend, apparently. It’s official. Nobody likes Ben.
Who’s the random condolence wisher?
Hurley, the good guy, lookin out for all those strangers.

The cop resemble Anna Lucia to anyone else?
As soon as Jack read the letter (my eyes are WIDE)
I give jack a 4.2 on his dive.
The van was new. They were back in time, still.
Jin just makes me smile.
But wait, where is everyone else.
And are they setting us up to make John a Jesus figure?

Ok, I was taking notes as I watched so that I wouldn't forget. Believe me, my memory is that bad. Tonight I just pasted my notes and added some here and there.
And it's my blog, I can do it however I want.
Really my brain is fried and I couldn't come up with more than that.
Only 167 hours until I can feel shrewish and confused and, wait...what was I saying?


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