Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Rip-roaring SUCCESS!

Ok, I will keep it short and sweet for now because, can you guess? Lost comes on later and I totally plan on posting following that. I just HAD to give a little shout out to Heather and Reese of Kickin it in Crazyville. I saw their little pic under our follow column and did a fist pump. How awesome is that?! Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. We just love their blog. Hop on over there and check them out. They blog from 2 countries!
Everyone says that you should determine your own success for your blog. Since this makes us happy, we have determined that ours is a success, the title).
I know we won't be able to blog over every follower we have (does that make it sound like a cult?). But the first one is always special. Now that sounds like an after school special.
Ahh well. I'll be back.
With proof that I have a little too much time on my hands. Blogging over tv shows.
And movie quotes. You have no idea how excited I am over that topic...
Catch ya on the flip side of Lost.

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Heather and Reese said...

Reese & I LOVE Lost!! Love, Love, Love it!! But, we've never been able to follow it on TV. Reese has always had to rent it due to living over seas and I can't stand breaks in between watching Lost, so I wait for it to come on video and then watch as much of one season as I can over a weekend. It's total chaos! I won't be reading any posts you do on Lost because I'm not all caught up!

Thanks for the shout out...we are loving your blog too! :)