Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Produce Bags

My mom shared a couple of green produce bags with me a couple of weeks ago. I had seen them, but I’m always a little leery of buying ‘as seen on TV’ items. My cousin, who works at a grocery store, shared this tip with mom and said his customers swear by them!

Since mine were free, I was happy to try them out! And guess what? They really did work! I like to buy bananas at our local Sam’s Club. Since they routinely have the lowest price (44 cents per lb) and most of the Messes love them, I like to buy 6 lbs at a time ( 2 - 3 lb bags). Of course, it never failed that I almost always had at least one or two ‘naners that wouldn’t make it to the end. Sometimes I am industrious enough to make banana muffins or even just to remember to pop the quickly deteriorating fruit in the freezer. Unfortunately, more often than not, we’d have to send them off to their great reward before they completely decomposed on the counter and we had to bring out the scooper to get rid of ‘em.

But that was before the entrance into our lives of green produce bags (I don’t have a better name, my mom bought hers from Dollar General). Here’s a picture of bananas I’m happy to say were consumed by the Messes. These bananas were part of the 6lbs I purchased on February 6 (a.m.), and this photo was taken on February 15th (p.m.). That’s about 10 days, and they were deliciously ripe, just beginning to get a couple of dark spots. Now I don’t know if they would have made it another day or not because they were devoured later that evening.

So green produce bags work for me!

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