Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movie Quote Monday - Tuesday Edition

Yes, I know its Tuesday, okay, it’s really late on a Tuesday, but still I had the best intentions to post this yesterday. Well they were good intentions, alright already! They were teeny-tiny intentions and not very good ones. There are you happy now? Can we please get on with this post?

One of my favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean (do you say CAH-ribbeon or Cara-BEEIN? I go for the first one myself). And I am referring to Curse of the Black Pearl, I like the two following movies but I love the first one. I am also a huge Johnny Depp fan...ah, I still remember trying to watch 21 Jump Street on our local Fox affiliate when I was a young gal. It was basically all snow, and you couldn’t even hear anything but I still tried, man, how I tried.

But back to my chosen quote, Jack Sparrow tells Will Turner to ‘wait for the opportune moment.’ Of course a little later he tells him, ‘if you were waiting for the opportune moment that was it.

Ah wisdom from a pirate who even with gross teeth and weird hair is still a total stud muffin. How many times have I not waited for the oppportune moment? For me it’s not so much missing the moment, it’s bulldozing it. I want to get something off my chest as soon as hubby or the kids walk in the door. Really, who wants to come home from work or school and get ripped as soon as you walk in the door? Patience is needed in these situations and since my goal was a short and sweet post I will refrain from breaking out in the lyrics of GNR’s rock ballad (not my fave one but appropriate).

I’m not saying these issues don’t need to be addressed (insert your personal issue here) but if I’m really annoyed the kids once again left their wet towels in the floor for the hundred-thousandth time…wait deep breath. Okay, if I’m frustrated by these insignificant details, can’t I wait to lovingly discuss these issues until they've at least had a cookie?

So much wisdom from my sexy scalawag with his beaded, braided goatee.

Well, I’m off to put on my PJs and watch some American Idol. We’re rooting for Felicia Barton (she’s a Church of God Virginia girl)…go Felicia!

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Heather and Reese said...

That was great! I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp. I'm also a huge AI fan! I don't remember who Felicia Barton is and will have to go back and figure that out. I loved the last guy (the one whose wife passed away right before he auditioned).

Thanks for stopping by our blog ;)