Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get to know Jen (not in the Biblical sense)

Here are a few random things about me. Everyone is doing these 25 things lists on all the social sites. I thought I’d join in on the fun. I will not commit to or limit myself to 25. I’ll just do whatever comes to mind.

Here we go.

I am 33 at the moment.
I got married at 18. We eloped and didn’t tell anyone for 2 months. (Didn't seem unreasonable at the time, really regret that last part now. Ahh well...)
I have a 12 y-o son, 9 y-o daughter and 7 y-o son.
I suspect that I’m going through some pre-menopause hot flashes (or 1 constant one).
I love British humor.
I’m an amateur interior decorator.
I have a small fabric store in my sewing room.
I’m a true-born southern girl, raised in SC.
I can tell you where to get the best BBQ in the world. I’m serious. There's no kidding when it comes to this BBQ.
I love to sing.
Bon Jovi is my favorite band.
My sense of style is changing.
There is an ongoing battle against clutter at our house, and I’m not hopeful.
I get a headache if I sleep too late. (Not happy about that one).
The new turquoise-y blue is my favorite color.
I have a star-trek nerd lurking somewhere in my psyche.
I need to lose more than a few pounds.
My bookshelves are groaning under the weight of books, 2 deep on most shelves.
I make my bed just before I get in it.
I’m a procrastinator and not the best time manager.
I get bored and change my hair, cut and color about twice a year.
Sunday afternoon naps are a necessity of survival.
I'm horrible to shop with, unless you also like to spend 3 hours combing the ENTIRE store.
I can play the piano, if one recital song counts as playing. But I play it well.
I’m easily distrac


Mom of Many Messes said...

You are so stinkin' funny of course the title and your last line had me gasping for air girl!

Vergori Family said...
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Reese said...

Reese identifying...

I too am 33. Such a yucky age, no offense. I'm anxious to be 34.

I was married at 17. Didn't elope.

I'm not really a fan of British humor, but I live in Great Britain. Almost the same. Ok, not really.

I have a Star Trek nerd lurking somewhere in my bed. But only when hubby Tim is in the bed.

I am so with you on the hair thing. I'm growing out a very short cut now, which started out red but is now black. I'm eying a chin-length bob and a return to my youthful blond.

Nice to meet you!