Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Undead John Locke

This will mostly just be a recap. This show is increasingly blowing my mind. We got answers about how John died tonight, and that's about it.
They really pull you in don't they? Right from the beginning, Locke as the Sith is sitting at the campfire being all cryptic. And ALIVE!!! Or did I forget to mention that? Oh, yes, he's back from the dead. Happens all the time, wait, NO that never happens. Of course, neither do polar bears in the tropics and time jumping, and smoke that likes armless men. But we all knew it was coming. So why was I shocked? IDK. And John acts like it's no biggie. Am I the only one that thinks this is abnormal? You weren't alive, and you are and it's just another day. Maybe he's been reading Twilight.
I think I just hit on a new theory. John is a vampire. That's about as likely as some of the other story lines we are all buying.
The Anna-Lucia look alike will not stay off his back, so back we go, down memory lane.
After turning the giant wheel and stabilizing the Island's time continuum, Locke ends up in Tunisia. We are treated once again to the bone sticking out of his leg. Ugh.
The camera obviously picks him up, so why do they wait until Locke is shivering in the dark to come and rescue him? Jerks.
John Locke gets his leg fixed and all is well. Widmore grants John the use of his servant, Abbadon, who is creepy and scary, and vaguely familiar. We find out later why. John is on a mission to get all of the quitters to return to the island. Abbadon turns into the nagging wife, each time John fails to convince someone to go with him. He actually tallys up each no John gets. "That's 0 for 3." "You know what, do it yourself, dude, I'm in a wheelchair." This would be my sweet reply. I could totally have Mr Creepy's name (Abbadon) wrong. You know who I mean.
Then we are reminded that Abbadon was the man who told John to go on a walkabout back when he was still paralyzed, pre-plane crash no. 1.
They discuss fate and predestination at Helen's grave and about to leave when Abbadon gets shot. Alot. John flees only to run a light and crash.
Nobody wants to get back to that island. Even saving their friends is not an incentive. You would think that Kate would have a reason to go back. Hello....Sawyer!! Katie, girl. Come on. They expect us to believe that she wouldn't jump at the chance to get back to him? The man who calls you Freckles. There is no explanation.
John feels like a failure and decides to kill himself. Ben arrives just in time to talk him down and open the possibility of appearing human. But then John goes and blabs about Jin and Sun and the promise not to bring her back.
You can see Ben's expression change and you know he's gonna kill Locke. We almost, almost were given the chance to like Ben, and now it is quickly back to searing hot hatred.
Now we jump back to the island and Locke is trying to find his friends. He asks around and is led to Caesar. Caesar takes him to the injured passengers and we see, you guessed it. Ben.
The man who murdered John Locke. And this is what John tells Caesar. As if this man is going to understand/believe anything he says after that statement. He doesn't have the benefit of watching 3 previous seasons to keep him up on what is going on. Lock isn't crazy.
This show is.

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