Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Downward Spiral of Goofy Wrongness

Warning!!! Only read this if you have 20 minutes to kill.
We are trying to prove the goofiness of our friendship. Here is Exhibit A.

jennybekrocks [9:47 A.M.]: Hey there girlie!
NC2Pastor [9:47 A.M.]: Good morning!
jennybekrocks [9:47 A.M.]: I spent the morning polishing off a book...
jennybekrocks [9:48 A.M.]: and being lazy
NC2Pastor [9:48 A.M.]: that's a fabulous way to start a morning!
NC2Pastor [9:48 A.M.]: if you start good then the rest of the day can't be that bad, right?
jennybekrocks [9:48 A.M.]: I know, so how's your day going?
NC2Pastor [9:49 A.M.]: not too shabby, just trying to catch up from my short day yesterday..
jennybekrocks [9:51 A.M.]: so, is it still a no go for today, in other words do I need to shower?
NC2Pastor [9:52 A.M.]: nah..I don't want you to shower before you have to! I'm still working on my 'shopping list' currently and trying to finish up a few other things.
jennybekrocks [9:52 A.M.]: alrighty, pjs it is
NC2Pastor [9:52 A.M.]: Right now I'm thinking I may just wait until Friday b/c I need to do some grocery shopping, too, and I'm just feeling too lazy to make a second trip...horrors!
NC2Pastor [9:53 A.M.]: Can you try to stay in them until noon please? Did you see you got two comments on your book fabulous is that!!!!
jennybekrocks signed off at 9:54 A.M.
jennybekrocks is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
jennybekrocks signed on at 9:54 A.M.
NC2Pastor [9:56 A.M.]: satellite being stupid?
jennybekrocks [9:56 A.M.]: do you need to ask?
NC2Pastor [9:56 A.M.]: sorry :)...not for asking but b/c the satellite is stupid :)
jennybekrocks [9:56 A.M.]: lol
jennybekrocks [9:57 A.M.]: thanks, that means so much (no sarcasm intended)
NC2Pastor [9:58 A.M.]: yeah..I about had a heart attack yesterday when the phone bill came w/ the DSL install and the router and everything on it What???!!!! Craziness...
NC2Pastor [9:58 A.M.]: I hope Daryl doesn't notice it ...he'll be calling for my beloved DSL's immediate death...
jennybekrocks [9:59 A.M.]: ohh my...that's just a one time thing, though, right?
jennybekrocks [10:04 A.M.]: just tell Daryl that you have been gearing up for this increase in the bill by
all of your couponing
NC2Pastor [10:04 A.M.]: yep...with my $3.04 pizza nights :). Maybe we'll have to eat it twice a week now
jennybekrocks [10:04 A.M.]: really? I'm intrigued
NC2Pastor [10:05 A.M.]: so seven nights of pizza would be $21.28 It could 'work for me wednesday'and my kids would love it at least for a week or so..
NC2Pastor [10:08 A.M.]: I think there's a plan forming here...I just haven't figured out what it is yet...we should do our own challenge at some point for a week or two..something stupid like we're discussing.. hee hee...
jennybekrocks [10:09 A.M.]: fun, but we have to have readers that will participate, although we have more hits already than I thought we would
NC2Pastor [10:10 A.M.]: nope, I'm thinking it'll just be our hook at some point..we don't even have to do a 'Mr. Linky' ...even if it's how many books can Jen read in one week or how long can Pam go without cleaning her bathroom?
jennybekrocks [10:11 A.M.]: LOL
NC2Pastor [10:11 A.M.]: that's a more realistic challenge instead of “insert better wifey challenge here”
jennybekrocks [10:12 A.M.]: you put me up to a challenge like that and you wouldn't see me for a week, neither would my family. nose in a book all week
NC2Pastor [10:13 A.M.]: I am in agreeance with that statement as well.
jennybekrocks [10:13 A.M.]: hahahaha
jennybekrocks [10:13 A.M.]: agreeance
jennybekrocks [10:13 A.M.]: love it
NC2Pastor [10:14 A.M.]: So I think we should pick a date to celebrate our successes (both real and imagined) when we DON"T have anything else to do. I mean no other errands other than just goofing off...
jennybekrocks [10:14 A.M.]: agreeance, totally
NC2Pastor [10:14 A.M.]: I would like to second that.
NC2Pastor [10:14 A.M.]: can I second your agreeance to my suggestion?
jennybekrocks [10:15 A.M.]: this is a good workout, (belly laughs)
jennybekrocks [10:15 A.M.]: absolutely I third the seconds
NC2Pastor [10:15 A.M.]: I'm thinking no, I should have just remained silent and accepted your agreeance
jennybekrocks [10:15 A.M.]: we're making up our own language here
NC2Pastor [10:15 A.M.]: akjdfkljasdfjasdkl that's my new code for hilariously laughing
jennybekrocks [10:16 A.M.]: back to the challenge, instead of encouraging people to cook more, clean more, give it up more, we should be fostering freedom to stay in jammies until mid-day, that should be our challenge
jennybekrocks [10:17 A.M.]: chillax people, chillax
NC2Pastor [10:17 A.M.]: agreeance..seconded, thirded..
jennybekrocks [10:17 A.M.]: kjsd;lkfjapoeisd
NC2Pastor [10:17 A.M.]: I am for real LOL'ing right now!
NC2Pastor [10:20 A.M.]: Let's post it..but we might want to take ______ out b/c I wouldn't want to offend anyone in the blogosphere.
NC2Pastor [10:21 A.M.]: we could just put blanks in there...hee make everyone wonder what we were talking about...
jennybekrocks [10:21 A.M.]: yeah, agreeance
jennybekrocks [10:21 A.M.]: I like it
NC2Pastor [10:21 A.M.]: Of course this could be the final piece of evidence in our goofiness challenge...let's challenge people to submit their goofiness family
jennybekrocks [10:22 A.M.]: I love it!!!!
NC2Pastor [10:22 A.M.]: something really is wrong with us. huh?
jennybekrocks [10:24 A.M.]: if so, then it was God who brought us together because we are in complete oneness with our goofy wrongness
jennybekrocks [10:24 A.M.]: meant to be
NC2Pastor [10:24 A.M.]: and hilarity ensued....right?
jennybekrocks [10:24 A.M.]: right
NC2Pastor [10:31 A.M.]: you know nobody's in the office but me, you could come over in your pjs...but that might cause us to 'lose the magic of the conversation'
jennybekrocks [10:31 A.M.]: i totally could, I'm on my way, let me at least put a bra on...
jennybekrocks [10:32 A.M.]: the girls are swingin low
NC2Pastor [10:32 A.M.]: um..yeah..might be good just in case...
jennybekrocks [10:32 A.M.]: sweet chariot
NC2Pastor [10:32 A.M.]: again...LOL ing! Yikes! gotta make a bathroom run...
Are you brave enough to post your IM convos? Tell us about your goofiness. Maybe we'll give a Goofy Goober Award someday. Can't wait to read and laugh.


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

Which ever of you is Mom of many messes, I tried commenting on your blog to tell you i love chocolate muffins but i think my daughter is somewhat allergic to coco powder =p And that your Jillys outfit was VERY simular to my little cousins choice of clothes =) hee hee!

But it wouldnt let me comment for some reason. I hope its ok i came here instead?

Mom of Many Messes said...

Oops Stacy! So sorry...obviously I'm still a newbie blogger and I had the comment settings all wrong..hopefully I've fixed them!