Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Nightmarish Nightstand

After Jen posted her pics of her gorgeous bedroom, her lovely oh so neat nightstand, and her very interesting and intellectual list of books, I was utterly embarrassed to try and compete with my BFF. So let this be my disclaimer I am only posting this information to prove that …hmm...what am I trying to prove? I guess that I am very unadventurous in my reading habits. And, yes, I’m messy, as well. Hey, my other blog isn’t named Mom of Many Messes just because it was a cute alliteration.

Enough rambling, let’s get on with the reading tour of my nightstand and other book stashes. Currently on my nightstand are the following items (and yes, I’m going to detail everything, not just books).

· My alarm clock which I hate. I would gladly never ever use an alarm clock again if only school would start ‘whenever’.

· My lamp, it has been with me forever. Honestly it still has peach ribbons my mom hot glued on the shade. I’m guessing it’s over 20 years old.

· Lady Speed Stick Super Duper Industrial Strength, yeah, cause I sweat like that...gross but true (also this is not my fave brand of S.D.I.S. deodorant, just what was on sale at CVS, this is NOT an endorsement).

· Burt’s Bees Coconut foot crème AND B&BW coconut lotion. I love me some coconut for those dry and scaly patches (again gross I know, sorry but it’s on my nightstand).

· My bible is at the top of my stack, see how worn and tattered it is, I’ve spent HOURS, probably DAYS, reading it! Well considering I got it when I was 15 or 16…yeah, it’s edging close to the 20 year mark, too. I do try to read it daily, most days…

· There’s a journal where I record my special prayer requests, weight loss triumphs and failures and failures and, well you get the point.

· ‘On the Shores of Silver Lake’ by Laura Ingalls Wilder, I found it when I was digging in my stash; I used to read this series probably once a month in elementary school.

· ‘A Tale of Three Kings’, one of my dad’s favorite books that I’ve read a couple of times, I’ve got to get that back to him!

· A couple of magazines, I love a magazine. Shiny, glossy pages, a new treat on every page! There’s always a mix which could include: Good Housekeeping, TV Guide, All You, Taste of Home, Simply Delicious, and yes, sometimes I even have a celebrity gossip rag in the mix. I also read Children’s Ministry and K! (another ministry mag). And this list will grow due to all the freebies I’ve signed up for in the last month…woo-hoo!

· There’s a Kohl’s catalog/flyer. Do you remember the Sears catalog? My sisters and I would fight over it when it came. My first pair of splatter-print pants was ordered from that catalog. Hey, I was styling in 1985! The first (and only) kid in the small south-western Va. School...sigh...I was so before my time! I won’t tell you (at least right now) about the homemade parachute pants my mom made for me.

· And last but not least there’s a stack of my preferred ‘recreational’ Regency Romance paperbacks. Currently I’m on a Joan Smith kick, I won’t list them out.

So that’s my nightmarish nightstand! The other pics are of books in the floor beside my nightstand and stacked on my dresser. These are mainly Christian writers. Also in the way of full disclosure, there are several books there which should be marked TBR. Don't worry it's not the regencies!

And the last picture is of my treasure trove. I have a closet that’s all mine (and yes that’s not all of them…I have several boxes scattered in other various closets throughout the house). Addiction? Yes.

Now you understand why I stay in my PJs way past noon too many days!

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jen said...

OMG!! I wish you were here to share in the laughter. As soon as I pulled up the page, the belly laugh filled the room. I just want to see the lamp with the ribbons.