Monday, March 2, 2009

Dashed Hopes and Broken Dreams

Movie Quote Monday is still on my to-do list today. The more important task at hand is to help the Messes clothe themselves appropriately so they can enjoy maximum snow time with minimum wetness. Sounded a bit like a diaper commercial just then, huh? We did watch all three Lord of the Rings this weekend so there's a hint for my planned post (please note the word planned, not promised).

Back to our ‘big’ snowfall, and yes, I put the quotation marks to denote my sarcastic tone. Our local weather men teased us last week with their slick innuendos and fancy weather projections. But, no, Daryl and I (and maybe the kids) have been bitterly disappointed too many times. We would not give in to hope that this weekend just might bring us ‘the big one.’
We refused to let our expectations be driven high by delicious and titillating winter weather watches, possible accumulations graphics, and the requisite ‘you might want to get your milk before Sunday’. We even fought the tiny shoot of optimism when those magic words “Winter Storm Warning” were finally plastered across the screen.

Then the skies clouded up, the tingle was in the air, and finally snow began to fall. Oh the anticipation, the excitement that permeated the Collier Clan last night. Evening church was cancelled (which allowed us to watch “The Return of the King” in its entirety). Oh the joy, and our much-abused hopes began to soar. We were told we would wake up this morning to at least 5 inches but their best guess was 8 or even more! Oh happy day!

And then came morning. Alas once again, our hopes were dashed. Sigh…there’s barely an inch on my back porch, the sun is shining, and at 10:30 a.m. the temps have already risen above freezing. And to rub salt in the wound, it appears everyone else surrounding us posted big numbers: four inches here, six there, even ten inches all within a 30-minute drive of my humble abode.

But for the Colliers…it was a small victory. (Bitter? Party of two?) A day off school is always considered a victory around here. They are outside now in the freezing wind, frolicking in the inch of powder as if it was a full foot, and I’m trying to get the best possible pics from inside the house. Why inside? Well I’m still in my pjs y’all!

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