Monday, March 2, 2009

snowday = no alarm = bliss

I took the morning off. I slept late. (You have no idea how much this means to me.) It is a snow day, so 6:30 am did not exist today. Not for me anyway. Yippee!!! The kids are big enough that when they got up they made cereal, and got snow gear on to go outside. Of course, they made a mess getting the snow things out, and their father was not happy about that.
They were snowboarding down the hill in just barely enough snow. Oh, the ability to pretend that things are the way you wish they were, instead of giving in to reality. "Yeah mom, there's enough snow. You can barely see the grass. Duh..."
While the chulren were out in the cold, I made a big pot of coffee, put bacon in the oven and whipped up some pancakes. When the kids came in, we had a very very late breakfast. And a yummy one at that.
I'm keeping this short. If Pam does a Movie line Monday, I'm ready. (No pressure, Pam).

Snow days are the best. Until everyone gets bored inside and starts fighting.
We're not there yet, but I give them about one more hour.
I guess I should get in gear and change out of my pjs. Then again...


jacjewelry said...

Yes, I agree - gotta love snow days! I hate the alarm, and anything that gives me an excuse to turn it off and go back to sleep is my friend. :)

The Happy Housewife said...

I had the kids do school for a few hours, but no one was paying any attention, they all wanted to play in the snow. Finally I gave in and let them go out, they had a blast!