Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Tuesday Edition of Movie Quote Monday

Okay, this is my third draft for a post about a quote from Lord of the Rings. I have wasted quite a bit of time today trying to put what I wanted on paper but I just couldn’t or wouldn’t commit to any of them. Just didn’t feel right, so I gave up. Literally shut the computer, walked away, and thought I should try and catch up on my bible reading. I’m trying to read it all in one year, a lofty goal I’ve attempted many times in the past and miserably failed each time—but it will not be this year! (That was a very bad attempt to twist a quote from the movie into my own.)

I looked at tomorrow’s devotion to be sure I was caught up and the first line stopped me, ‘Tolkien’s classic, “ The Lord of the Rings” trilogy...’ I took it as a sign. So here goes, we now return to our regularly scheduled Movie Quote Monday which is still being posted a day late..sorry.

I love this Triology (and if you’ve read my first MQM you may see a pattern developing). I could never pick just one quote from these movies, there is tons of good material. Jen and I were just discussing this quote yesterday at church. There’s a scene in Two Towers where Frodo is weary and ready to give up his quest of destroying the ring. But his faithful companion Sam gives a great speech and basically says we have to keep going because we’re holding onto something. Frodo wants to know what they’re holding on to and Sam says “that there’s some good left in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

Isn’t that great? The devotional uses 1 Timothy 6:12:

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life.”

Is there anything more important in this life than preparing for the next one? No.

It’s just that simple.

My focus in this life is to enter heaven, to prepare my darling Mess’s hearts so they’ll receive Jesus and join me there, and to share God’s Great Plan of Salvation with any He puts in my path. And today I just bumped into you.

You're already fighting for something, shouldn’t it be eternal?

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