Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Waste Your Time

Whew…this is one of those weeks I’ll be so thankful when it’s over. I haven’t posted much for a couple of reasons. One is I really only want to post when I have something worth saying. Excellence (and, yes, that’s MY definition of excellence not yours) is important to me! I don’t want to waste your time or mine! Well, actually I’m not really concerned about your time. Okay, I guess I am because if you’re not reading…no, really, I’m not concerned. I think I’m going to blog no matter what. It’s very cathartic. And, yes, I am concerned about your time, please don’t waste it.

Another reason I haven’t posted much this week. I am trying to balance out this new endeavor of blogging and the real world I live in. A world of laundry and family and cooking and baking and..sigh..occasional down time in my pjs. Oh yeah and did I mention I am like CHAPTERS behind in my daily bible reading? Double long, drawn out sigh. This is obviously not a new challenge in the blogverse, I’ve read two other posts addressing the same issues just today!

And then today I had a million errands to run and an eye checkup. A cute teeny-bopper ‘eye tech’ did most of the exam and dilated my pupils. (Don’t they look younger and younger? I swear he looked only a year or two older than my own kids.) So due to the fact I couldn’t see anything smaller than my fist very clearly I had to leave the computer alone.

This was my first eye dr visit in 21 years! I was seeing ‘floaters’ occasionally but the good doc said nothing to worry about. Here’s the kicker, I’ve still got 20/20 vision but will benefit from glasses. Huh? Yeah, I need reading/computer glasses. I can see fine close up, it’s far away that’s getting a little fuzzy nowadays. Which the doc explained was my eyes trying to readjust because they’re working so hard close up….okey-dokey, if you say so. I need such a slight prescription she suggested buying cheap reading glasses online, maybe $20, or I could go get my prescription filled, maybe $200. Is there really a question here? I’m searching for a slightly trendy pair. I wanna be a cool mom, but still a mom, know what I mean? This pair is a top contender at the moment. Do you know how hard it is to find a cute pair without crystals adorning the side? I'm not a bedazzled kind of gal.

Now if you’re asking, does this post lives up to my standard of excellence? I’m not sure because I am pretty tired right now and not in the mood for rewrites, I’ve still gotta make coffee and plan tomorrow’s bazillion errands before we head out of town for a night.

I apologize if you wasted your time today. I'd say I'll do better next week, but really it's a crap shoot. Good luck!

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jen said...

Alright. I'll sign off on the glasses, I just think you should get purple ones. Why have a fav color if you can't put it on your face!!!