Sunday, March 29, 2009

Waterfront Property in Egypt

So I’m assuming you are a faithful reader and are waiting with bated breath each and every time we post. But just in case I am wrong (and there’s no need to pop my bubble) and you’re not up to speed with the latest bit of drama in our lives, go here.

Jen is moving. Two hours away. I am sad.

We currently live five minutes from each other. For the past three years (yep, that’s all we’ve really known each other), we have spent the majority of our Sundays & Wednesdays in the same church. We have whiled away many an hour with our similar sense of humor.

Today was her family’s last official Sunday as staff members at our church. I am not really dealing with this because I have chosen to live in Denial. I have gone so far as to ‘buy property’ there, where exactly? On ‘de Nile’ River of course! And there’s the title reference for you. Corny? Yes, but do you really expect anything less from us at this point? We thrive on a regular diet of corn. Makes us sound like beef cattle, huh? Not a flattering phrase, sorry Jen.

We have a brief reprieve before Reality Realty markets our waterfront property in Egypt. The for sale sign is up, but we’re not taking offers until summer. Jen is staying put so the kiddos can finish out the school year. And then we will adjust to a new reality. Twitter, Facebook, IM, and email will be our new tools of the trade. Actually we communicate regularly using these options now.

Today it is our choice, in the future it will be required.


Heather and Reese said...

Oh man! That is so hard! Does that mean that you two will get to take a lot of mini-vacations at each other's houses? That would be fun :)

I'm with in de Nile, as long as possible! Reese went back home today after being with us for five weeks. I think we lived in de Nile up until the moment we hugged goodbye!

God Bless...Heather

Katie @ said...

Good luck. It is never easy saying goodbye to the people we are close to. Jen sounds like the kind of person who you can get back together with, and it'll feel as if you were never apart.