Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An answer, a Clementine & blah blah...whatever

Little Boy Ben. Answers to Aaron's status. A little girl named Clementine. (Sooo cute!)
This about sums up tonight's episode. I really did enjoy getting some answers to questions we have been asking for weeks now, but it wasn't my favorite .
I think I have become addicted to the jaw dropping, dramatic intake of breath, stand up and scream "what?" moments. I just didn't get any of those tonight, so I feel a little bleh.
I got home from church and my DVR had prioritized Life over Lost.
WHAT!?! Seeing how many times we re-watch and keep all episodes, the thing should have known that Lost is THE show to record.
So I immediately booted the thing. You can't be in this family unless this show is #1.
I really considered it, but I'm dependant on it. If I didn't need it to feed my addiction, it would be in techy heaven now.
Back to the matter at hand.
So, Juliet is the reason Sawyer is saving Ben. Seems everyone has a heart but Jack. He is stone cold, that one. Although, I was all for letting the creepy little dude follow the light. It is only a show. I wouldn't actually let a child die, no matter how obnoxious. And I've done children's church...I have come across some extremely obnoxious kids in my day.
I loved seeing Sawyer's face when he and Kate were discussing Clementine. What a name. She needs to be in Alabama with that name. He is becoming a regular old softie.
Sooooo. We finally get the answer us moms have all been asking over and over again. Aaron is with his Granny. No wonder Kate isn't worried about him, but to not give any explanation at all? And everyone was ok with that? Whatever.
Did anyone else think it crazy to leave a sleeping 3 year-old in a hotel room alone, especially when she had just lost him not 15 minutes before? Well, 15 minutes for us anyway. Again, whatever.
Jack could have changed the outcome of everything by taking care of Ben. He would have been a happy child to grow up to be a normal person, not a bug-eyed killer-man.
"His innocence will be gone."
Should someone be calling DSS?
We come back to John Locke, antagonizing Ben with just how not dead he is.
Aaaaannnnd scene.
See, my only "WHAT" moment came from my faulty DVR. Not what I've come to expect from this show. I don't even mind a shark jump or two, as long as I get my adrenaline rush.
O-well, next week looks promising...can't go wrong with a Ben/Locke showdown.


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hehehe I saw your comment on EverydayMom, and totally agree with you that the writers are probably taking cues from the messageboards/blogs. I swear they're piecing things together as they go along...

Jack is indeed stone cold.

I was indeed highly unhappy that Kate left Aaron alone in the other hotel room. What do you want to bet the writers are predominantly men?? "Eh, he'll be fine in there by himself for a few minutes, right?"

Do you think Claire will reappear? Do you think there will be really be a Ben/Locke showdown? Knowing Lost, they could end up forging an uneasy alliance lol...

jen said...

When they introduced polar bears, way back, I said then that they are making this show up as they go along.
I lol'd at the men writers comment. That's exactly something my hubs would say.

kisatrtle said...

I totally agree with you. This episode didn't really do it for me either. The fact that they left Ben with creepy Richard and they were okay with that is just a little too bizare for me to get my head around.

Loved Hurley and Miles in this episode though.

everydayMOM said...

I'm with you on Kate. That was ridiculous when she left him alone in that hotel room. Ugh. That whole part of the show was really bugging me.

The more I've been thinking about it, I guess that even if Jack had saved Ben, he would have met up with Richard eventually and still become evil. It was his destiny, right?

everydayMOM said...

Hey Jen,

Maybe you can relate? This might make you laugh: