Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a Mag Hag

I want you to look at this stack of magazines. My hubba thinks I have a problem. Considering the fact that I have serious trouble throwing them away, maybe I do. That is neither here nor there. Most of these mags I get for FREE!!
I can't tell you how happy getting a magazine in the mail makes me. I feel all adult and cosmopolitan. (hee hee) I tend to go for the decorating mags. Oh--you're wondering how you can get these wonderful glad rags for yourself? I'm thrilled you asked.
You simply hop over here, and I do mean hop. It doesn't work if you just sit there and click.
I signed up to get her blog via email and every once in a while she puts up links to free magazine subscriptions.
Apparently, the mag industry is dropping. Companies are paying for subscriptions, my guess is so that their ads get seen. IDK. I don't look a gift magazine in the mouth (or whatever it would be...spine?)
Now, look at the top magazine. This is my old friend. I absolutely adore this magazine. I have had (paid for) a subscription to this for at least the last 5 years. It went under. No warning whatsoever. Just a cover on this issue saying this was the last, now go console yourself with a new piece of jewelry. I may have added the last part, I'm not sure. But I did follow instructions, wherever they came from. Goodbye my old friend. I shall miss thee much.
But I do have many other periodical friends to help me through this loss.
Oh, did I say that all of these came in one month? They did. I have read looked at half of them.
I need to shave off some Internet time to plow through them.
So, now that I have started following, oh I don't know, about 50 blogs, not only do I have serious inbox overload, but that directly led to mailbox overload.
I know you're jealous.
Careful though, once you sign up for one free mag, you will get many many many offers of others that are not at all interesting. At least their titles aren't.
Interview (not with stars-job interview---ugh)
Tennis Racket
Living in Guam
Sports Illustrated
The Paper World (if it isn't from Dunder-Mifflin, no thanks)
Guns & Chicks
Ok, I made up some of the names. But you will see...
So get out there and help out the magazine industry by letting some company pay for your free year of inconsequential reading!!
Hey, reading is reading in my book. Or Magazine.



Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I'm a big magazine fan too... I end up just hoarding and not reading through, so I'm trying really hard to be good and just stick to my top favorites this year... we'll see how long that lasts. ;P

Anonymous said...

I am a huge magazine fan! You should come check out my new blog It's all about magazines from the topics featured to stories of those that have interned or worked behind the scenes. Hopefully it will offer some real insight for you to enjoy~