Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I Am Obessesd With Thursday

I was one of those kids who put ketchup on everything. Of course the normal stuff: fries, burgers, nuggets. But I also dipped my chips in it and slathered it on top of eggs and mashed taters, y’all! The egg thing honestly makes me want to barf when I think about it but I really did do that!

I still love me some Heinz, but somewhere along the way I developed another passion. Unfortunately this one is not low in calories or fat grams, oh no, I love me some Ranch dressing. Capitalization intended, Ranch is sadly a friend of mine. He’s the ‘bad’ friend, oh the pounds I could probably blame on him. Possibly even worse than my friendship with him, I have sadly passed on this obsession to most of my children.

The good news here is I eat a lot of salads. The bad news is I eat them loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon bits, croutons, and a hefty dollop of ranch. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a bowl of crispy Lays original chips and with a massive amount of Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Oh, I swear I get shivers just thinking about the delicious salty tang.

My new quest in life is to make the perfect homemade Ranch dressing. I have searched the recipe sites and checked ratings but so far have not met with success. I made a huge batch of a ranch mix…dud! So still I search. I’ve found a couple that are really good, but I want O’Charleys or Texas Roadhouse good. Know what I mean? Do you have it?

Oh please, please share and yes, my trainer will not be happy with you, but you can have my (and my kids) eternal gratitude.

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Kaycee said...

There's nothing like pizza and ranch, or grilled cheese in ranch. Mmm.

Sorry, I don't have a recipe, but I share your passion.

Sarah Eliza said...

Oh my word, this post made me HUNGRY! And I just ate too... :P

jen said...

I seem to recall Gaile (spelled right?) @ grocery cart challenge mentioning an awesome ranch recipe. Or maybe it was some other blogger that has gone by way of my swiss cheese memory.
Does that help any?
Well, that's all I got. Poor grammar intended.