Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet the king of the compound

Whew, I'm tired.  But not as tired as our friend Sawyer, I imagine.  That man was run ragged the entire show.  People keep showing up out of nowhere, and he is on serious damage control.
The entire reunion scene was great.  Hurly, aka Kong, picking up Sawyer in a bear hug.  
Loved it.  I just love Hurly.
I thought it was nice of them to show us just how Sun and Lapidus go missing, and then we got to see Ben get an oar to the head.
I loved the moment when we realize who this baby that Juliet fought so hard to save actually is. The new folks get processed through assimilation.  You could just tell that Jack did not like taking orders, especially from Sawyer.  But Sawyer has serious sway in this little community.  I'm enjoying the power shift, and the fact that Dr. Jack has been assigned to janitorial duty.  Ha!
Poor Kate, she just looked like a lost kitten for most of the episode.  
I was happy to see Sayid, but not so happy when they had to lock him up.
And that leads me to the adolescent Ben.
This Harry Potter look-alike with the same crazy eyes as adult Ben.  That kid just creeps me out, but only because I know he grows up to murder a suicidal former paraplegic.  
This is a little disjointed, I know.  Sorry about that.  It is incredibly late and I spent part of my day bawling and I'm just plain tired.  (I'll tell y'all about that soon.)
I really don't have any new theories.  Anybody else have any?


Sarah Eliza said...

I love the power shift toooooo! But who do you vote for when it comes to Sawyer, Kate or Juliet? I'm definitely for Juliet, I feel like she's at least partially responsible for Sawyer's developing strength of character. And I like how he's the only one who changed his first name too... new name, for symbolically a new person?

I'm really stumped on why Sun didn't end up going back with the others though.

jen said...

I definately vote for Juliet, but am still a little sentimental for Kate. I agree that Juliet is bringing out the best in our Jim.
Got no answers on Sun. Someone says she's actually Chang's daughter & can't be there with her childhood self. IDK about that, but considering that Ben didn't go back in time, there could be something to that.
I think it is funny that anyone with any asian features gets the label as Chang's child...

Mom of Many Messes said...

I have no clue what goes on with this crazy show. And I still refuse to watch it, but I don't like the derogatory comments you're making towards the gorgeous Jack(wait, he is Matthew Fox, right?) I just felt left out and wanted to participate!

jen said...

Jack over Sawyer, girl, you have lost your mind!!
I can only forgive that because, as you have stated many many times, you don't watch. You too would lose your affinity for Jack if you had witnessed his fuzzy alcoholic phase. And since you're not a lostie, I must explain the fuzzy. He had this hideous beard. And I'm a beard-lovin chicka. So that has to tell you something.

Mom of Many Messes said...

Party of 5..that's all I have to say..

Mom of Many Messes said...

I'm guessing we shouldn't use our comment form for general conversation, huh? Is that bad blogging etiquette? Ah..who cares!

jen said...

All I want to ask is: Will this become like that pic on facebook? If so, just let me know so I can be prepared. And in answer to Party of 5, Sawyer spent the first 3 seasons with his shirt off...
Need I say more?

~*Michelle*~ said...

hello fellow Lostie!

Harry Potter it!

and I also love the power well as the reunion. My thing is that when is Jack gonna look around and realize that he really didn't need to come back and save everyone, they look like they have doing fine without him all this time.

I did a little recap on my blog if you feel like popping over to my world.