Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday!

My ever-growing coupon and recipe collections were starting to take over my dining room table. This task has been at the top of my To-Do List for the past couple of days, okay, months. The holidays got me off track and it was downhill from there. Add to the fact that I’m still a coupon newbie and ‘developing’ my own system, well that’s just a recipe for chaos. I’m debating between using a ‘couponizer’ or a ‘binder’ or somewhere in between all of those. I’m not sure what my coupons savings overall would be if I counted up all I’ve spent on my organizational tools!

Here’s a picture of my dining room table covered with ALL my junk. There’s boxes for coupons, receipts, bills, recipes, and memories from school . There's even a barbie car where Jill joined in the madness. The sad thing is I’ve cluttered the table like this probably four times and had to rebox everything each time so we could have dinner!

So today, victory was mine! I FINALLY defeated the ugly beast. Well, I at least knocked it down a peg or two. My coupons are filed away in the binder, couponizer, and a file box for the inserts I haven’t clipped yet. The system is still in the blue print stages, I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me. But at least we can eat dinner and I can *hopefully* find the coupons I need pretty quickly.

Now I need to tackle the recipes and my financial papers. I’m hoping to create a binder with my most used papers (i.e. monthly budget, goals, etc) all in one place. But that’s a goal for another Tuesday…

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jen said...

Ooooh, Paaaaammmm! I'm so proud. I have to re-straighten my room. It is just a little cluttery. But lately I'm thinking, what's the point?
You did good, girl.

Nancy said...

I just popped over to tell Pam thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago. I've been to Mom of Many Messes a couple to say thanks, but couldn't post a comment, so I wandered over here! Anyway, thanks for stopping by! You guys have some great blogs...and looks like you have lots of fun, too!

Nancy@chocolate Ink