Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - Photos of My Kids

I like a good picture of my darling children. No, that's not strong enough, I LOVE a great picture of my offspring. I put blood, sweat, and tears into it (usually my own and the kids'). Occassionally it's even necessary to add threats, bribes, and brute force to get them to cooperate. I dream of wonderful, amazing pictures of all four of my messes looking angelic and dressed if not coordinating, at least nicely.

Which is why on days like Easter Sunday, when they're wearing their Sunday best, I choose to corral them into a central location and attempt to take one, just one, please God, I just want one semi-decent picture.

Well, this ain't it.

What possesses me to say, as we're all rushing to load up for church (later than we want to leave), WAIT! I haven't gotten a picture of all of you yet. So we squeeze them onto the porch swing and the torture begins (mine, not theirs).
Me and D "close your eyes, and when I count to three, smile, and open your eyes. We'll sanp the pic quick!"

Note to self..this tactic did not work. Why did I just not move them to another, less sunny location? Well that just would have been too darn easy, that's why!

I do love a good picture (again this ain't it).

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

Your pictures look like some of mine!

I'm so jealous of the blogs I see with beautiful, perfect photos of their kids. Love my kids. Love my camera. Love pictures. But photography... just don't have that talent. ;-)

MommyAmy said...

lol, I too am jealous of bloggers with gorgeous pics of their kin. Mine never turn out that great, and my kids almost never cooperate!

Taylor said...

LOL! I read on a pro's photography site some tips on getting the "perfect picure" and hey said to bribe of threaten them, lol!!!! They were kidding of course.

Katie said...

Hi Pam! I tried to leave a comment on Mom of Many Messes but it would not work. I tried to to it on a few of the previous posts too. Not sure if something isn't working or what. Thought you'd want to know & glad you have another blog I can tell on. I also left a comment on the Diaper Diaries post too about it. I noticed you didn't have any comments yet and I figured well I can't be the first one here!

I know what you mean about the perfect picture. I scrapbook so I see lovely professional quality pictues on scrapbook pages and always think why can't I get one of those!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I think we are all guilty of the frustrated clenched teeth scenario saying COME ON GUYS.......LOOK HAPPY!

I love the more natural 'real' pics myself!

gorgeous kiddos!