Wednesday, April 15, 2009

StarWars+Lost=Obscure Title

Ok. What an episode. Miles is in the Circle of Trust. I capitalized that because they keep saying and make it sound all important. This Circle of Trust means transporting a body and then forgetting all about it. The Dharmanians don't know about Miles' special ability. "He sees dead people." (In my best whisper) Actually he can hear them and know what they were thinking before they died.
You know, just the normal stuff.
We get glimpses into Miles' life before the island. His first 'encounter', the convo with his sick mom, and the audition. "Here's a dead guy, he'll tell you stuff and I'll tell you if you're correct."
I love that they finally let us learn more about Miles.
He IS Chang's son. The blogging world will be thrilled to know they had one good theory, at least.
This boy has daddy issues.
I loved the Hurly/Miles conversation about talking to the dead. Well, they need skills like this on this island. People are popping back from the other side all the time.
My favorite line of the night, from Hurly. (Who else?)
Polar bear poop. Got it.
It was an episode of bad dads.
They jump back and forth between Miles and Roger/Kate.
Roger is getting a little creeped out by Kate. Wait...what? He's the strange, mean, old dude. Her interest in his son makes him wary.
Ok. I just have to say that I love Hurly.
His grilling Dr. Chang about his life was priceless. I learned something that could be the key to the whole island going crazy. You ready? ....
Dr. Chang likes Country. COUNTRY!
I think the island found out and started having seizures. We all thought it had something to do with huge magnets and old bombs. Noooo. Bad music. That's what did it. Just watch, they'll break out the Southern Gospel and that's when the whole place explodes! There's a series finale for you.
Back to the show.
Alright, now I really need to know what lies in the shadow of the statue. They keep bringing this up. Those folks that picked up Miles really thought that their heart speech would work when they abduct him in an unmarked van? Good ole Miles. Playing only for money. It's the American way, you know.
Aaannnd. Mean Sawyer is back. I knew he was still in there somewhere. Just get him tired and frustrated, and point out a fly in the ointment, that man will hit you. Hard. Then he'll tie you up. I don't know what comes after that, they didn't tell us that yet.
Then we get to see a touching scene of Chang reading to baby Miles. Makes me wonder if daddy knew something was coming and sent his family away to keep them safe. He certainly looked like a loving, happy dad. When he said "Miles, I need you." you could hear the hope in Miles' voice when he replied, "You do?"
They head to the dock. The sub is here. And so we get to the best moment of the night.
Daniel is back. Whooo-hoo. We've all missed him. Maybe now we'll get some more specific answers. I'm not saying that I'll understand them. But Daniel does seem to know more than anyone else, and he shares quite often.
So, overall...a great episode, if only for the amount of Hurly that we got. I'm googling around to find that garlic mayo recipe. I bet it's on the Lostipidia site, somewhere...
I'll let you know if I find it.


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...


Isn't it a *show* of bad dads though? Not just an episode...

Seriously, what *does* Sawyer plan on doing with that dude? Keep him tied up in the closet?

The country music moment was definitely priceless. :P

My biggest questions are regarding Ilana et al... who sent them if Widmore didn't? And what is in the shadow of that dang statue?? Maybe the smoke monster's music collection, if your hypothesis is correct... :P

Heather J. said...

Love it! I saw your link at another blog and had to come see your theory - it IS a good one. ~LOL~

Feel free to post your link at The Lost Books Challenge Blog if you like. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Oh gosh! When I first read your country music theory I thought you were serious!

In a way, I'm kind of glad "mean" Sawyer is back. There was talk that he was more loyal to Dharma than the O6, which I get, but its nice to see that he's still trying to protect his old friends. Though I have to wonder, what is he going to do to poor Phil? He can't let him leave now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I enjoyed your recap and LOVE your blog name!