Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life, Interrupted

We're still here. It's just a little bit of craziness invading our days here lately. Of course, Jen is smack dab in the middle of kinda-sorta moving. I'm preparing for the busy season of children's ministry--SUMMER--plus I have this little thing called a family that sometimes takes up a lot of my time.

Evidently a week of spring break with all of my children has fried my brain (moreso than usual)and my creativity, which was never my strong point, is currently all dried up. We're also dealing with the stomach bug but I will mercifully spare you the details.

So when I got a hilarious email from my friend, Karen, inspiration finally struck. Okay so it struck her and not me, but still I'm posting! Karen is one of my bestest friends (God has truly blessed me with many) and more than that she is my prayer partner. If I ever do anything to her, she would have SO much ammunition to use against me! I kid! She would never betray my confidence but truly she is the one I go to when I need to vent, complain, whine, celebrate! I value her listening ear, praying heart, and secret-keeping mouth more than I can say!

So without further ado (I think I've ado'd enough..hee hee..ado'd that makes me giggle!), heeeerrrreee's Karen!

I just had the girl upstairs tell me that she could tell I was gaining a lot of nice of her to let me know that!!!! What is really sad, is that I have been trying to use the nordic track whenever I can. hmmmmm....could that be it? HE HE!

Seriously, isn't it wonderful when people share that with you???? Soo many times in my life, I have heard that statement. Do I have a sign that says "CALL ME FAT - IT MAKES MY DAY!!!" I think I am going to write a book titled "Stupid comments that you should never make" The list will include:

1. Are you going to wear THAT?
2. Oh, You did SOMETHING with your hair.....(uncomfortable silence)
3. Are you sure that is the size you wear?
4. Ma'am, you could shop in the junior bra section - we have a great
5. Did you get that nose from your dad's side of the family?
6. You have a big behind - that is where your weight is at!
7. You never wear ANY makeup do you?
8. You would look good if you fixed yourself up.
9. You are not smart like your sister, are you?
10. and of course my all time favorite "Gaining some weight aren't you?"

Believe it or not, these have all been said to me! And to think that I do not have insecurity issues - got to be God! HE HE!

She's so stinkin' funny, I keep telling her she needs a blog of her own but so far she says she's too busy!?! What? I would go on here about how important it is to blog but since this is my first post in a I think I better just let that slide.


jen said...

Oooohhh. Too funny. And Karen, she's something else. I can't believe people would say those things, then again... you just can't account for some, can you?

Kaycee said...

I've heard a lot of these too. Mostly from old men who don't have a clue how hurtful words can be.

Karen sounds like she has a great attitude though.

Heather and Reese said...

What kind of terribly insensitive people does poor Karen hang with ?! LOL!


Mom of Many Messes said...

I just want to be clear that I did not say any of those things to my friend Karen. And K is a tiny little thing so it's probably jealousy talking! My fav comment I've ever heard was an old lady said (not to me) 'boy you've really gotten fat, but you sure do look good fat!' Oh that kills me...