Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dead is dead unless the Island still needs you

Dead is dead. Or is it? At last count, we have 3 undead people walking around the island. First Christian, then Locke and now Alex. It is a regular Twilight novel. As long as we have dead people reappearing, why can't we get Charlie and Hurly's girl back? Or Ecko? I really really liked Ecko. BTW I was on the message boards tonight and they said that the smoke monster killed Ecko because he didn't repent. Dude was good. He didn't need to repent. Whatever people, whatever. (my new fav word, my life mantra, even...whatever)
I am at my in-law's house this week. Have I mentioned that? Well I am. I had to go to their bedroom to find a quiet place for my weekly session of "Wait, what just happened?" And I missed the first 10 minutes of the show. Again. But I sort of got what is going on from the message boards.
Ok. Well, we got some answers tonight. Where does the smoke monster come from? Did Ben go to make good on his promise to kill Penny?
Now we know where the smoke monster comes from (an ancient subway grate in an apparently Egyptian-ish temple). I kept thinking that they were trying to make Ben into a bad/nerdy/creepy/annoying Indiana Jones. I still want to know what exactly old smokie is. It seemed to like Ben, letting him live. I will say that Alex lost all of her sweetness in her death/un-death.
Now to the best moment of the night. Desmond giving Ben a little less than he deserved. A sound beating was letting him off easy. But it was fun to watch, wasn't it? That there was good tv viewing. Poor Penn, just asking for her son's safety. She's a good mommy, who is still alive, thanks to her beast of a man, Desmond.
Ok, more random, out of order thoughts on the night. I did not like the new leaders on the beach. They are completely power hungry. The extra with a gun was the epitome of an awkward, chubby bully making everyone miserable for fun. And that chick with the accent. I could do without her completely.
Well, my brain has shut down for the night. I know there were other great moments in the show. "Consider that my apology." being one.
But I'm done for now. I'll be blogging around tomorrow night (after Dollywood) trying to drum up new theories and agreeing with other losties on their posts. But for now it is time to lose myself in my current book The Thirteenth Tale until my little eyelids give in.


~*Michelle*~ said...

Another huge Eko fan here.....and I agree that Desmond deserved a huge *high five* on that Ben whooping.

My recap is up......

Paula said...

I LOVE ECHO!!!!!! I am with you they need to bring him back and most def. Hurley's women (poor Hurley). I love Desmond too, I hope he gets back to the island too, wouldn't it be great for him to come back and beat up Ben again (not sure I would ever tire of this). You are so right that is good TV.