Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Excuses, but good ones

It is me! I'm still alive. I know I've been away for more days than I can count, but I feel justified. You all know by now about the move that is going on. Well, it will be going on, when school gets out. For now, we are going to the "new" house on Saturday nights for church on Sunday. (The word new only refers to the newness to us, not the planet. I'm pretty sure it was here when Columbus landed. And it is not the quaint, charming old either.)
So, for the weekend we were camping out in the house, kids sleeping on the floor, eating in shifts because I forgot to bring more than one bowl. Pretty much we are getting by with the basics.
There is no furniture to speak of, and more importantly, no internet. Gasp!! I think I went through withdrawals over the weekend. Then I came home to 3000 emails in my inbox. Fun stuff.
This week is spring break for our kids. Nana and Papa have claimed the week. So, for now we are in Tennessee visiting family and having boatloads of fun. So, with the busy week and the sporadic times that I can get away, I feel like I must make an official apology. Sorry that Pam has been carrying us both posting away like the trooper that she is. Of course, she has nothing else to do this week. She even said so.
I will report that we have a trip to Dollywood planned for Thursday. I promise to post on that and let you know what I think of the place. My first time there and all.
So, to those of you who have a break this week and can spend it in your hammock, I am jealous. If you're working, I'm sorry.
If you're not working but are doing all the work at home, well, I just say "what else is new" right?
Happy spring break to everyone!

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Mom of Many Messes said...

Is any excuse a good one? Of course! I love a good excuse..bring 'em on :). Happy spring's a break but it sure don't feel like spring around here..whine. Enjoy Dollywood I've been twice..once as a kid and once w/ kids.