Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swapping Buns

I mentioned yesterday we’re enjoying spring break this week at the Messy Manor House. Last night we had some errands to run so we treated ourselves to dinner out at a local hamburger place. They serve the tastiest burgers and our favorite part is one basket of fries ($3.50) feeds our whole family of 6!

I’m a bit of a plain jane when it comes to my burger condiments. I don’t like mustard or mayo, and I’ll usually skip the onions too. I always remember to ask for no mayo, but last night forgot this restaurant puts mustard on their burgers. Lots of mustard. I mean a true heaping pile. So I scraped what I could off the bottom bun (applied more ketchup) and started chowing. I could still taste it but being the hamburgler that I am, a little distaste wasn’t going to deter me. It diminished my enjoyment but not my enthusiasm.

My darling hubby noticed my dilemma and asked me what I was doing. (Okay, I was probably embarrassing him with all my scraping and wiping w/ the napkins --making a serious mess.) When I told him I forgot to ask for no mustard, he promptly took his top bun from his burger and offered to switch with me. I didn’t ask. He offered. I even got an extra dose of cheese from his bun--bonus points!

So today I am grateful for my hubby. He knows me, understands me (as much as any human being can), and wants me to be happy. Even if making me happy is doing something so simple as swapping my gross mustard-soaked bun for his delicious sticky-cheese one.

And in case you’re wondering the trainer (aka hubby) forced a Bowflex AND two elliptical workouts on me after our greasy (but oh so yummy) dinner. Okay maybe forced is too strong of a word, he encouraged me, no I think he ordered me, is that any better? Either way I tried to work off my bacon-cheeseburger, two Pepsi’s, and a large quantify of fries. Did I mention they make killer homemade onion rings too?

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