Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top Ten Things I heart

Oh, you're wondering if I just became a middle school girl. Well, IDK. I was perusing around my reader today and came across ohamanda & her top ten linky. So I decided to participate.
With all the crazyness of my so called life right now, I cannot possibly be expected to come up with a well-thought out, witty and insightful post. I can barely put dinner together, so count yourselves pretty durn lucky that I'm coherent at the moment.
So let's dive right in before this window closes, shall we?

1. I heart heart heart Farm Town on Facebook. Weird looks from everyone now, I know. And at the moment I'm only getting the green screen of doom so maybe absence of it is why it made # 1. This is a happy little place where you can plant crops and have virtual animals that never poop or throw up on your new couch. Sure, your avitar cannot do normal things like bend at the knee or raise a hand, but mine is always smiling. I change her hair often, like my own hair, we're adventurous.
I have given this some thought.
I'm in the middle of a pseudo move that I don't want to make. I think that having this little corner of the web with neighbors of my choosing is like a little fantasy world. Now, the one person that I really want for a neighbor that I don't already have is not even on Farm Town. (Pam!!! Get crackin.)
But really, it is plain fun to escape for a while and chat with my neighbor/niece who lives 2 states away. Enough said. Check it out, you just may get hooked too. Watch out for the marketplace, though. It is full of unemployed beggars.

2. Twitter. My hubs is growing weary of twitter. He gets angry when people he's following tweet about mundane everyday things. HELLO!!! That is the whole point of twitter. I try to tell him this to no avail. I think I need to remind him of a certain hour spent waiting for an appointment in which he tweeted numerous random, mundane things that we all had to suffer through enjoyed.
I love the random everyday updates on people's lives. I feel like I know them better for having known when their toothbrush fell in the toilet or getting great concert tix or just the daily deep thought that one of our friends posts.
I have gotten tired of some people's posts and you know what I did? I unfollowed them. Simple as that.
Now, while I don't post my blog updates on twitter, (I really don't know why, it feels like shameless self-promotion ---as if letting people know that I'm avoiding packing for the move at all costs is really much better) I appreciate those big time bloggers who do. I love getting to their site quickly and adding one of the first comments. Now that's self-promotion, it just feels less shameless to me.
Ok, now I can't get the Garth Brooks song out of my head.
And as a sub-item in this category, I love twhirl. It pops up a tiny little window with each new tweet and a cute little ding on top of whatever I'm doing. I don't have to go looking when I get a new tweet it just appears. Gotta love that.
BTW -- this is my twitter.

3. Paperbackswap. I heart this site. You sign up, post books that you don't want and get free ones of your choosing in return. It is a little more complicated than that, but not much. I have gotten book club books, books that I have wanted for years, and some that just intrigued me but would never have spent money on. I can always turn around and post it if the book doesn't do it for me. And these days, with everyone tightening the purse strings, it's a great way to get almost free entertainment. You do have to send books in order to get credit to receive books, but the cost is under $2.50.
If you are a big time reader, like me, this is almost nothing compared to the coin we drop in book stores, new & used. I have shocked myself before that I spent that much on books, and in the same thought, excused myself because,'s for books. Reading is fundamental, after all.

4. Reading. Ok, I realize the last one was all about reading, but this is sorta different. I have previously stated my love for books. But I am thrilled to have passed on my obsession to my oldest son. Davy (13) is reading like a mad man. He is really into these sci-fi fantasy type books. Don't ask me too many questions, I space out when he tells me the plots. Half-bird, half-man, half-something kind of creatures. After that, my mind went on a wander. I really do try to engage when he's talking so passionately about his books. Half-birds and my thought process must be incompatible. The point is he is reading. He's loving reading. He reads in the living room, in the bed, in the bathroom (don't say ew, you do it too), in the car.
This makes me happier than any of these others, but I'm not rearranging this cause I'm lazy.
I'm beyond overjoyed that he has found the wonder of walking around inside an engrossing story.

5. The freezer. Huh? you may ask. Well, right now I am on a spending freeze. This is not voluntary, we have no liquid cash. Who am I kidding. We have no kind of cash. I've tried to spend monopoly $, it doesn't work and you could lose your right to vote. Don't be like me.
So I have an entire deer waiting to be eaten in my freezer. Dave likes to hunt, and with that comes venison that I rarely use. Fast forward to now, we have all this venison that I don't really like making, but on the bright side, venison is better than, say... salt soup.

6. Coming up with things that I heart.
I'm running low, folks. This has been a fun way to look around and think, ok I like that, but do I heart it? I really love that, but heart is a cutesy, sorta fun upgrade of like. To be fair, I do love #4, but I had to include it. Sue me.

7. The DVD player in our car.
With weekly trips that are equivalent to movie run time, this has been an absolute life saver. I'd like to rent newish movies for each trip so they have something new to keep them occupied. See #5. They're stuck with all the old ones we own for now. But we try to pull out ones they haven't seen for a while. Davy ignored the last movie altogether, and said after the trip, he felt like he had been reading for only 15 minutes. My spirit soared.

8. My dish scraper.
You know the ones that come with stoneware. I love to use these to clean off the ick from a pan before tackling it with my scrubby. Then all the bits don't get in my scrubby.
See, there is some methodical thinking in me after all. Who knew?

9. Packing my house to move.
Huge PSYCHE!!! (90's flashback)
If you knew me at all you would know I have been avoiding this like the plague. I have many good reasons.
I have WAAAYYYY too much stuff and it's overwhelming, I don't know where to start.
I don't want to be moving in the first place.
I really need a good marker for my boxes.
I'm doing it all alone, and that's not fair.
See, I needed to fill # 9 and all I came up with were excuses.

10. Brevity.
Could you imagine if I didn't have some self control, how long this post would be?


Mom of Many Messes said...

Farming on facebook? Seriously? This is what gets you out of bed in the morning? Just kidding...I'm sure it's way too addictive which is why I've been 'ignoring' all the requests about it. You've already got me hooked on blogging and tweeting. If I become a farmer my children will never have clean socks again!

Dave said...

Baby I heart you

Mandi @ It's Come To This said...

Just followed you ... I hope i don't become one of those you "unfollow"!!

jen said...

Ok, that last comment was just plain AWESOME!!!
I more than heart my blogging hubby, I love love love him.
How cute is he?

jen said...

didn't see Mandi's while I was commenting. I meant that Dave's was the awesome one. But Mandi, you're pretty up there, too.

oh amanda said...

That was great! I'm so glad you played! I'm with you on the reading. I love to see my daughter read. I hope she's like your son one day!

Still laughing about the brevity! LOL!