Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had so many things to be grateful for today I almost made a top 10….hmm…maybe next time.

Jared’s broken toe is on the mend. Even though we found out today it’s broken in the joint and the growth plate!!! And even though his father..ahem.. allowed him to play baseball this weekend it healing and nothing is out of place. To quote Jen, ‘God protects us even when we are stupid.’ Not that I'm calling my hubs or man cub stupid...I would never even imply that....again, ahem.

Jill has been sick with a sore throat since Sunday. And no I’m not really thankful for the virus, but I am so grateful that sometimes just sitting in mommy’s lap is enough to help her feel better. I’m thankful my part time job allows me to take time off to be with my sick baby girl! (There are definite perks to having your dad as a boss!)

Josie made me NUMEROUS Mother’s Day cards/crafts. She’s such a sweetie with a heart of gold! And the best thing is she keeps everybody else in the house on their toes, too!

I am thankful for a teenager (I didn’t know I’d ever put those words together) who is still occasionally (in betweens his bouts of making fun of me) shows me some baby boy love! He and I were playing with the puppies yesterday afternoon when he picked this flower, (I know, D, dandelions are weeds and the scourge of your yard) reached up, and put it behind my ear. I swear I almost cried….but instead I ran inside to take a picture.

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jen said...

I swear to you, my first reaction on seeing that quote, was "Yay, that's me!!!"
Really, I'm that silly.
And Dave and I have the exact same discussion about dandelions.