Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Shred of Dread..part 2 or 3 or whatever ...

I’m not phoning it in people. I have to say I’ve amazed myself (hope I’m not jinxing myself now) but I’ve actually completed seven days of the Shred in eight days. I skipped Saturday because we had a killer schedule and I had did a couple hours of manual labor..yuck.

Here’s my update so far. I am now able to do about 90 percent of Level 1 without needing oxygen. I still have to take at least one, okay, sometimes two potty breaks. I know, Jillian, I am not supposed to rest but this is a whole different issue which I promise I will not go into details about again. And if I say it takes me 5 minutes to tinkle, who are you to judge?

Last week I also did an elliptical workout each day along with the Shred. So I’m getting 20 to 30 minutes of cardio. I’m hoping (praying, begging, pleading) that since I’m telling the whole world (well, the entire 10 people who read this blog…okay, okay, five people) this will help keep me accountable to my torture regime, I mean, workout schedule.

So far I haven’t even tackled the ‘eating’ portion of my new diet and exercise plan, one mountain at a time Mohammad. However I will say that I do seem to be more conscious and after a shred session even the thought of food makes me ill for, oh I don’t know, an hour or two.

I have typed and erased and typed and erased this next paragraph too many times, I go back and forth on whether or not to put this out there. I’m so gonna hate myself if I have to come back and report that I’ve gained 10 pounds. But in the interest of forcing myself to stay with it I am planning to update my progress every week or so. Here’s report numero uno: so far there’s been NO weight loss BUT according to my tape measure, I’ve sweated off 1 & ½ inches from my waist and a ½ inch from the ‘gut’ area.

And evidently that’s enough motivation to keep me plugging along for at least a few more days!

So tell me, have you tried The 30-Day Shred? Or maybe you’ve got some great tips and tricks for me to try…come on help a sista out! Bathing suit season looms ever closer….

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Paula said...

You go Pam!!!! I have no advice or secretes to share, I obviously have none :) I am proud of you though. Keep doing what your doing and soon I will be so jealous of you I won't be able to stand it. LOL!!!