Thursday, May 14, 2009

Season FInale, 2 hours of Shock & Awe

I know I'm late getting this up. After the finale last night, my mind was blown. And the two hours wore me out. So I decided to wait until today.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get into blogger. I had to be sneaky about it. I went in from my reader and then got to new posts.
Hee hee, try all the angles. Sometime it works.
Soooo... the Season Finale.

2 hours of mind numbing shock & awe. I kept looking at the clock thinking, surely this is it, and no, there's another hour. Another half hour. Another ten minutes...well you get it.
So many questions. So much info to plow through.
Let's start at the beginning.

Jacob and well, evil man who wants to kill Jacob chat calmly on the beach about people coming to the island. We get a really good look at the statue. I was seriously trying to figure out what was in its shadow.
Then we get to the sub and Juliet keeps surprising us. We think she will do one thing and she always does the other. Knocking out the sedative man and getting off the sub. I never thought Sawyer could be ordered around, but Blondie has a way with him.
And at the temple, Sayid discovers that we only have to transport the core of the bomb. Well that's good news. I was worried about them throwing their backs out. Then where would we be?
Jack and Sawyer have to do this on their own, wearing jumpsuits and being shot at by Ben's father. Hurly once again saves the day with a van. That's his thing.
On the beach Locke tells Ben he wants him to kill Jacob. Then later they have this heart to heart about Jacob not being good to Ben and all that.

In the midst of all of this, we see Rose & Bernard. I'm not sure I'm buying that they were able to stay in stealth mode with Dharma looking for them. But, whatever, you have to suspend your disbelief when you watch this show. It was good to see them and get that question answered. Rose: "It's always something with you people." Classic. Maybe my favorite line of the night.

So we have a fraction in our group. Sawyer, Juliet and Kate want to stop Jack and the funky bunch from detonating the bomb. They stop the van in the jungle and have a "discussion" about the bomb. Neither is swayed. So we get to see the slug-fest that we have all been waiting years for.

Throughout all of this we get glimpses of Jacob visiting our people at significant times in their lives. He always seems to be doing good. Except in the case of Sayid, which there was serious discussion on the message boards whether Jacob caused Nadia's death or prevented Sayid's. I think he prevented Sayid's. But then I'm an optimist and like to see the good in people.

Ok, back to slug-fest. Juliet steps in once again and does exactly what we don't think she will. She changed her mind. I don't know if I'm all in on her reasoning. Sawyer says he's with her. That would be good enough for me. Ahh well, whatever...
Now everyone is on board with blowing up the island. It is funny to me how quickly these people make ginormous decisions, and then 2 minutes later are all for the opposite.
Then Miles' pep talk. What if this is what causes what they fear? I love that they bring in all of these questions.

Now we get to the Swan and the Bomb. That sounds like a horrible children's book. Our guys storm the Swan blazing and manage to drop the bomb in, and..... nothing. I loved the moment of everyone reconciling with their death, and then the surprise that they are still alive.
I went from cheering our guys on to utter shock and dismay in 1 second with about 20 feet of chain. Stupid chain. I did enjoy Mr. R. (remember my refusal to even learn his name?) trying to get away in the jeep while all metal is flying to the hole. Genius scientist forgets that jeeps are made of metal. Haha.
I hated seeing the anguish on Sawyer's face during/after the fall.
Horrible. I sat there with my hands to my face trying not to cry. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

What does the answer to the Shadow Question mean? Anyone out there translate that yet? I haven't done my blog reading today or googled that. Whatever that is.
John Locke is still dead. Soooo, evil man from ancient beach is impersonating him, finding the loophole.
Jacob, still being good, gives Ben the choice to do good. Ben can't get past himself. What about me? I love it when Jacob looks at him and just says "What about you?" I think he was thinking about all the meanness Ben has been a part of. Jacob almost looks pained when he said that. Did he know that would trigger the knife?
Side note. My husband the minister reminded me that the name Jacob means deceiver. Just sayin'. My optimistic self still wants him to be the good one. Especially if Ben is the enemy of Jacob.

The bomb didn't go off. Juliet survived the fall long enough to cuss the bomb and detonate it with a rock.
White Screen this time. What does that mean?
The final season preview with one eye has a white screen too. Up til now, they have all been black.
Hubbs thinks that was Juliet's eye. He's color blind. The eye was green, Juliet has ultraviolet blue eyes. Silly man.
Ok, I got nothing else. So many questions. So many possibilities.

Whatever will we do for another 7 months waiting?

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Haha! Love the comment about the Swan and the Bomb sounding like some twisted kids book...

I got off of the blog Long Live Loste that the Latin response meant "He who will protect/save us all." I edited my post with that part, so I don't know if you saw it or not... Interesting about Jacob meaning "deceiver"! With Lost, I honestly never do know who is good or bad these days lol, except our original Losties.

I think the white screen was supposed to remind us of all the time-flashing we did earlier in the season.... hopefully the explosion knocked them back to their proper time... that's what I'm thinking anyway! And my guess for the eye is Jacob. :)