Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I wholeheartedly agree with Dorothy, especially when it feels like you’re never there!!! And that pretty much sums up our life at the moment. Here’s a couple of quick tidbits to update you on the craziness that is my life!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

We are knee deep in baseball practice and tournaments for the next couple of weeks. It’s exhausting: the travel, the disappointments (yeah, we played 3 games last week and lost 3 games), and keeping the other 3 JDCs at least mildly happy during said interludes. Usually at least an hour or more of travel time, arriving an hour early for game, then another 2 hours for the game, traveling home…yawn, I’m tired just thinking about it.

Here’s a pic of Jilly this morning as we’re heading out to drop Jared off for baseball camp this week. Yes, this week we’ve got 3 days of camp, 2 nights of practice, 2 games (more if we win, poor kids I hope they win at least one), and we’re making a lightning trip 3 hours away to hear my dad speak at a church event..I don’t think tired even begins to describe how I feel.

Let’s Get Physical!

Um..okay, so far I have almost completed dropped my exercise routine. I did hop on the elliptical a couple times last week and hubby and I got a quick walk last night. I also had a checkup yesterday and my blood pressure is slowly creeping up, so of course my doctor prescribed..daily again.

It's a Crazy Life..but it's Our Life
I couldn't bear to watch Jon and Kate on Monday night. I finally got up my nerve last night at about 1:30 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. Double, triple, quadruple sigh. I know Kate was *sometimes* snappy and shrewish. I'm sure for the most part, she made her bed and now she's lying alone in it. But my heart is broken and I am in deep mourning for them. And while I'm on the subject, what the heck is up w/ Jon's TWO new earrings? Really? This is what he needs to get through this life crisis? Come on!
Couldn't think of a Clever Phrase to Introduce my Last Update

My BFF still does not have internet at her new home, at least I don’t think so (hello, Jen, are you there?). So we did a little texting/tweeting last week but that’s it. I think I’ve been too stinking busy to dwell on the fact she’s not close by. I’m looking forward to youth camp when she and I can have at least a few face-to-face conversations…hopefully.

So in honor of my celebration of BFF's, I'm posting a pic of Josie with her cousin Macy--Josie is a lucky girl, she has many BFF's. Macy is enjoying a week at the beach and Josie is missing her!
(Sorry for all the craziness w/ the pics and spacing but I'm just too tired to fix it!)


jen said...

The BFF appriciation is a great theme!
This OH has been driving all over creation. Well, between here and richmond. Let me count...4 times thus far. And one of those we kept truckin & met mom in Durham to pick up the kiddos. (Today) I'm officially sick of my car.

Reese said...

You're one busy little bee.

I feel terrible for anyone whenever their marriage falls apart, but I have a hard time sympathizing with Kate. I didn't really like her, and it feels so wrong to me that they put their lives on display like they did/do. I'm not a fan of reality tv in general.

Cheers, ladies!

Paula said...

Wow Pam I didn't realize how busy you were while we were away! I am surprised you even had time to miss us :) I love the BFF tribute as well and Macy and Josie are both very lucky ladies!! As far as Jon and Kate you know how I the words of a crazy American idol want a be contestant, "My spirit has been broken." I think Jon is going through a mid life crisis and I hold out they will work it out! I love them still and even though he looks like an idiot right now with his double bling I still love him too!