Saturday, June 20, 2009

Banishment of Exile -- Woo-hoo!!

The end of my exile draws near!
I am so excited. We have an appointment for our "Value Internet Service" installation next Thursday.
What, you may ask is Value Internet Service?
I'm guessing it is glorified DSL. It has the same Mbps speed as DSL. (Google that, I had to.)
I know, I wanted lightning. But I don't want to pay for lightning.
The VIS was under half the cost of the super fast cable speed.
Pam is very happy with her DSL, so I figure it will be an upgrade from what I have now.
I won't be cut off from civilization any more.
I will be able to waste lots of time re-arranging my farm (farmtown on facebook), chatting with Pam, posting here, googling things when they hit my brain, IMing with Pam, getting my email everyday and not letting it pile up to 260 unread messages. You know, the essentials.
So here's to re-joining the land of the living. Or the virtual community, or whatever.
I will be sooooo happy to be back.
You have no idea.

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Mom of Many Messes said...

Just reread this..for some reason I thought Tuesday was the day so I've been waiting all night for an update from you :). Oh well, now I feel better...too bad I'll be at baseball/Pulaski Thur-Friday. Wanna shoot for an IM convo on Saturday night at exactly 11:59 p.m. unless 12:01 a.m. Sunday would work better for you?