Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little about camp, but very little, I'm busy...

Pam and I have been talking a lot about camp lately.

I am realizing that some of you may not be familiar with the church camp world.
We go for a week at a time. The camps are split up by age. High School, Middle School, Junior, Primary.

This week is the last one (primary).

Although I'm happy that camp season is almost over (I'm super dog-tired), I will miss all of the fun that we have working camp. I have some friends that I only see at camp, and I will miss seeing them for another year.

Tony over at Muddied Waters has posted his top 5 things he likes about camp.
This may give you a little insight to what we love about camp.

I call it my happy place.

Well, I'm off for one last week. I'll try to sneak away sometime this week and post. If not, know I'm laughing, goofing off, having great coffee (one perk) and working very very hard.

Hey, someone has to sell the cheap junk and take the little kiddies' money.

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