Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Best Week EVER!!!

Ok, so y'all know that the blog has been feeling a little neglected lately, right? Well, one more week and we should be back to our not-so-regular schedule.
But this is in no way a post about our forsaking all of our bloggy friends.

Ohhhh, no.

This is about the absolute, most definite wonderfullest, funnest, most fabulous laughter filled week of groovy Church Camp in the history of Church Camp.

And who is responsible for this groundbreaking event?

Well, if I have to answer that question for you I'm not sure we can be friends.

Pam and I have made reference to the fact that we would be in the same cabin of girls at camp for a while now, and if you've not been paying attention or just don't know how highly we think of ourselves, I'll give you a refresher.

Our narcissism may be worse now, that we had an entire week of BFF splendor and didn't even lose one child. (Although we may or may not have wanted to.)

*side note: This could very well be full of bird-walking and just jump randomly from one subject to the next with no warning at all. Pam and I still have "campovers" and may seem a little befuddled.

Do I need to start over?

About 3 weeks ago I was headed to camp to do the very important job of running the camp store. Let me tell you that this is the most important, crucial and demanding job on the campground.

Alright, not really. It's a cake walk.

On the way to camp that week, I stopped at Pam's for a quick chat because it was about the halfway point. I told the kids they had about a half-hour to play before we hit the road again.
2 hours later, we were on the couch and talking about the week she would be working camp.

That is when inspiration struck.
The room darkened and there was a glow all around us.
It was divine inspiration.
We could be in the same cabin.
All week.
After our involuntary separation.


So that was this past week. It lived up to all of the expectation and more. So much more.
More laughter. More goofiness. More fun.
Very little depth.

I mean it.

Dave asked if we talked about church at all.
I can't remember a single serious conversation.

It was a dream week.

More posts with pictures will come.
I promise you, you will be sick of seeing our mugs.

And the best part, she's coming back to camp again. It won't be the same, though. I'll be doing my store job and she will be in a cabin. But we will steal some BFF time from this camp, I assure you. In Jesus' Name.

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Mom of Many Messes said...

It's Good. I am in agreeance. If we sing it, Jesus You must bring it.

Serious conversations? At church camp? Really?

And bring us back at the next appointed time...which is tomorrow!!! See ya Monday Jen!