Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can you get better than filet-o-fish? In a word, YES!



I love me some filet-o-fish from Mcky-D’s.  My daddy and I both share a love of the fried fish sandwich.  You just can’t fight genetics, but who’s trying?


We were taking our lunch break from school today and I decided to pull out the fish filets.  You know, bland, boring lunch.  Gabe whined that he didn’t want that so I offered to make him a sandwich.


My muse was smiling on me.  She whispered, “Why not make a fish sandwich?” in my ear. 

O.  MY. 

Let me just say, that I’m wondering where my brain has been vacationing all this time.  Why has this never occurred to me before now?

Easy as, well easier than pie by a long shot.

All you need are frozen fish filets, burger buns, american cheese & tartar sauce.  What self-respecting girl doesn’t have this on hand at all times?  (Ok.  Me, but that’s not the point.)

Cook fish according to directions.  Put cheese on top & pop back in oven just long enough to melt the cheese. 

Serve on bun with tartar sauce.

I had the strange urge to julienne potatoes & fry them then cover them in salt, but that was more work than I was willing to commit to.  Let’s not go crazy here.

Sorry I don’t have a pic of the final product.  They didn’t last long.

Enjoy the Things you Love this Thursday!


Mom of Many Messes said...

I don't know if the poor blog can take both of blogging on the same day! And may I say I'm amazed you are homeschooling AND providing a hot lunch?

Mom of Many Messes said...

oops *both of us* I've got to start proofreading.

thediaperdiaries said...

Ok, I don't like fish at all, but I am sure these taste way yummier than Micky Ds. Oddly enough, I love tartar sauce ;)

~*Michelle*~ said...


I think smothering anything with a mayo mixture makes it YUMMY!