Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - Snack Food!

Bananas, coconut, macadamia you need any more temptation? I certainly don't! These new Quaker granola bars, True Delights, are exactly what their name implies. Delightful. We've tried the above version and the dark chocolate raspberry almond (I think that's what they were, there is no remaining evidence).

These are the type of granola bars I hide in the 'special' cabinet for only me and hubby! I would never denigrate or demean them by putting them in the low class, dare I say common, communal snack box. They deserve a place of honor in my undisclosed location. (Before you judge me remember I have two teenager boys who annihilate our food supply on a daily basis. This is purely a matter of self preservation, well, okay gratification might be a better word since I'm obviously not going to waste away to nothing.)

However these puppies are also not a 'cheap' option. I've been hoarding some $1 off coupons and waiting. A couple weeks ago Harris Teeter doubled coupons up to a $1...yay me...and so I scarfed up on a four boxes. I'm sorry to report I wolfed, I mean delicately snacked on, the last one yesterday.

If you like a taste of de islands, man, den you definitely want to go you grab a box!

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thediaperdiaries said...

They are absolutely delicious. And my kids are too young to like them. The hubby is allergic to almonds. THEY ARE ALL MINE!!!!