Monday, October 5, 2009

All the Busy Ladies, All the Busy Ladies

I had some wonderful witty ideas for a new post but I will postpone those until later to bring you these two exciting, life-changing updates.

Disclosure – The above sentence is LIES, all LIES! I really have nothing to blog about, my life is KA-RAZY busy right now with football practices/games, college class, writing papers, revising papers, church meetings, church services. Add the fact I have four human beings I’m trying to mold into some semblance of productive, moral, and kind citizens AND keep the home fires burning in the marriage. Oh my, I am busy. So why do I spend so much time on twitter and facebook?

And truly I have nothing earth-shattering, just a cool trick and a fabulous new recipe. Take it or leave it people, I am too busy to care.

My new favorite find is chalkboard contact paper.
Here’s where I found mine. And so far, here’s the only thing I’ve used it for (other than covering the front of both girls notebooks). Later today, I hope to able to erase the sad message (which yesterday read: TOO LATE!) and replace it with ‘peanut butter chocolate chip’.

While Jen and I were having a marathon gab fest (actually she was just bragging, I mean sharing, about the U2 concert) on Friday, I created my most gorgeous loaves of baking genius to date. I made two loaves of braided challah. (Please say it correctly with all due reverence. Unlike myself, I prefer to say it like ‘hol-lah’ with some attitude.) I am in love. Truly, ask Jen, I repeated told the dough, the loaves, and the finished product, of my love for them. They made me so stinkin’ happy. I found this recipe at Tammy’s Recipes. She has really, really good from scratch recipes. D loves the Farmhouse Chicken and the Italian Bread is my go-to bread for spaghetti night (of course I sub ranch for the Italian cuz that’s how we roll).

Isn't she lovely? I giant puffy heart this recipe. And it was so simple!

And here's a pic of what I was privileged to deal with while D and BFF were at the U2 concert. My boys, Jen's boys, and two of my nephews battling it out on the trampoline with the football practice dummies.

Oh do you think I left out an important detail or two? Yes, D and his brother went to the concert and Jen and her hubs but they did all go together. Hee hee, I just couldn't resist the possible shock factor.

I am busier than ever and semi-adjusting to all the craziness of my life, the good news is I still love it! Life is good. Happy Fall!

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