Saturday, October 3, 2009

U2 360 Tour. Oh, yeah. It was EPIC.


I know you think I’m just rubbing it in, Pam.  I’m really not.  It was just so much fun I have to share. 
It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.  Now, since I’ve only ever been to one other, and that one a totally different genre, you can’t really  compare.  But it was just amaz-a-zing.


On the way to the stadium I saw this tow truck.  The tag said              GOT U2.  I just thought that was picture-worthy. 

where we were

This is the stage.  It has been dubbed “The Claw.”  Bono called it “Space Stuff”.  With his Irish accent it sounded like he said “Space Stoof.”  The red circle is where we ended up.  This pic was taken from our seats.  I would call that a definite upgrade.  We had to stand the entire time, but that’s a small price to pay.


Here we are in the glow of Muse’s lighting.  I had never heard this band, but I must say I was impressed.  They had a great sound.


This is one of my favorite pics of the night.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Dave snapped it just when I was about to say something.  This was the “intermission” while they changing the stage around for U2.  I took several pics of the roadies but had to later dump them to make room on the memory card for … well…Bono.


This is the bass player.  Adam Clayton.  My Husband supplied that bit of information.  He’s a much bigger fan than I am, but my fandom is growing.   That bridge moved around between the stage & the outer ring.  Pretty cool.


Paul Hewson.  Bet you didn’t know that’s his real name, did you?  We were in an amazing spot.


Dave took this (his finger over the flash).  You can just barely see Bono’s head straight up from my ear.


This girl was so cute.  She originally had a ponytail.  She was jumping around & assaulting her boyfriend with it.  When he said something, instead of not jumping, she put it in a bun.  It just made me laugh.  Not jump?  Never!


I love this pic, even with this lady’s hand in it.  It was very difficult to get a picture without someone’s hand  in the way.  Not complaining, by any means.  You just had to be strategic about snapping.


I think I took this right after they all moved away from right in front of us.  Let me repeat that.  Right in front of us.  It was awesome.




And the best pic of the night. 

We had such a great time.  Our feet were sore and my back and knees were starting to hurt from the standing, but I would do it over in a heartbeat.

A heartbeat.

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