Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The One With the Painted Pumpkins

I'm such a non-crafty, non-home decor kind of girl but I'm attempting to change this. Actually I'm struggling, mightily. And in the spirit of trying to prove this, I'm posting my latest challenge here for all the world (well, for the two or three people who read this) to see.

I saw someone else out in the blogosphere put their house numbers on their ca-ute! (Sorry for not giving credit, I get a little click happy sometimes and I just keep going and going and I have no idea where I started or where I end up.) I attempted it. I love them! My favorite part is they are painted and if I can keep the stupid squirrels from vandalizing them the pumpkins should last through Thanksgiving.

I also love my authentic apple crate. It's from a local company which makes me love it even more. The name is Wm. H. Boaz, isn't that just fantastic? Why? I don't know, it just is!

So the grand scheme is to get a couple of mums (my budget ran low--darn kids think they have to eat--before I could get them last week) and some corn stalks to finish the 'vignette.'

Here's the full view:

I keep switching the pumpkin in and out of the crate. The goal was to put the mums in the crate, but again, darn budget.

Here's a close up of one of my punkins:

And here they are without the crate....hmmm...

So whatcha think? Got any ideas for how to place them more attractively? Any other unusual fall additions you'd suggest? Any thoughts on how to keep the stupid squirrels from destroying my pumpkins? I prefer cheap or, even better, free options, but all ideas will be appreciated.

So tell me, what's up with you this fall? Attempting anything new or different?


jen said...

Hay bales or a wagon maybe. Just trying to think free(I know you know someone with some hay!).
I love the pumpkins! Great job!

everydayMOM said...

Cute! I do think the mums would be awesome.

You could always use those fake pumpkins, but then again... you would be spending money and what would you do with the pumpkins with numbers you already have? ok... I'll go now... not helping!

Mom of Many Messes said...

Hay bales..that'd be great, my mom has a crazy amount of mums too so maybe I'll just snag some of hers :). I think I will look for fake pumpkins on clearance and then I'll have them for every year! Sounds like a good plan.....